Nikolay Ryzhkov awarded the title of hero of Armenia

titleMember of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Ryzhkov awarded the title of National hero and medal of honour of the National Assembly of Armenia, reports "Interfax".The decree of the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan signed on 7 December, the day of the 20th anniversary of the Spitak earthquake of 1988.Thus were awarded for the Senator in front of the Armenian people. In 1988 Ryzhkov, who served as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, led the rescue and recovery work after the earthquake in Armenia.Sunday Ryzhkov arrived in the country as part of the Russian delegation to participate in the ceremonies, in particular the opening of the monument to the victims of the earthquake. Telegram with the words of sympathy and sorrow was sent by the President and Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin.The earthquake of 7 December 1988, completely destroyed the city of Spitak in the North of Armenia. The strength of the quake in the city was 10 points, in Leninakan (now Gyumri, Armenia) - 9 points, Kirovakan (now Vanadzor) - 8 points.According to official figures, the earthquake has killed 25 thousand, 140 thousand were wounded and about 500 thousand people lost their homes. Source: Nikolay Ryzhkov awarded the title of hero of Armenia. . Читать полностью -->

Valeria and Jasmin did not share the stage

titleA huge scandal broke out at the ceremony, the prestigious musical prize "ovation", which took place on Wednesday in Moscow. On the battlefield was the artist, whose name is rarely heard in backstage brawls.However, that night, Valerie had to show character, and with it the wonders of endurance. On the other side of the barricades have been the singer Jasmine. The two singers did not share the stage and figure out the issue peacefully failed.As it became known LIFE.RU due to unimportant organizing the celebration was delayed for two hours. Before leaving Jasmine administrators stated that she would have to wait a while, as Valeria will perform before. The singer actually asked the organizers to give her the opportunity to reach out to the audience before the shifting of the schedule she was already late for the broadcast. Читать полностью -->

The hottest Russian actors

titleThey are young, talented, famous and has a great future. have audited the main hope of Russian cinema and selected the hottest heroes-lovers under the age of 35.Funny and charming Alexei Chadov professional on the set, superhero on screen, but in real life - the handsome philanderer. Role Chadova, mostly military, but all of his characters do not like each other. Courageous and fearless Sergeant Ermakov in Balabanovo "War" or timid, sensitive soldiers Sparrow in "9 Rota" - Chadov always different, able to captivate and intrigue.Smart, well educated, with model looks, Danila Kozlovsky for three years he acted in several films and received a "White elephant" for best actor. Fans loved actor for a deep and truthful images. Neuro-explosive straightforward Nicholas in Garpastum or intelligent Borman, with knowledge of the history of the Second world war, in the film "We from the future" - before charm and charisma Kozlowski can't stand no one spectator.Bright appearance, youthful enthusiasm, energy and impulsiveness - Artur Smolyaninov woke up famous after the role of Fierce in "9 Rota". Читать полностью -->

Mickey Rourke has got a new lover

titleThe paparazzi caught Mickey Rourke (Mickey Rourke) and his girlfriend on the way out of the hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris.Source: Mickey Rourke caught with a new lover (photos). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Madonna brought out a new boyfriend

titleBeautiful blonde, the Queen of the pop scene Madonna once again showed the world an example of courage and eternal youth.A few months on her photos published in all the tabloids, it was impossible to look without sadness - extinct view was exhausted by the divorced 50-year-old woman, haggard face, thin arms...But has not passed also month as Madonna has been revived from the ashes, like a Phoenix from the ashes. On Sunday, the singer is accompanied by his longtime friend, photographer Steven Klein appeared in public in an expensive new York restaurant Waverly Inn. All gasped, seeing Madonna completely transformed her face glowed with happiness, and she could not give more than 30...Journalists immediately suspected: Yes they like each other! Moreover, for anybody not a secret - Madonna has a weakness for young boys. All her fans at least 10 years younger than the singer.Most recently, it was almost married with star Alex Rodriguez - baseball player. Madonna then told everyone that he is attentive, sensitive - performs all her whims and for the sake of love even imbued with the teachings of the Kabbalah. But, apparently, something went wrong..Last Christmas Madonna visited London, where she met her former husband, film Director guy Ritchie. Читать полностью -->

Highlights of show business in 2008

titleDaily Telegraph newspaper has published a list of the brightest events (read - hot scandals in the world of show business.Kind of a brief overview on the topic "who-where-when-who". True, except public arrests and scandals in public toilets, journalists paid attention to secular events.Amy Winehouse: rebootThis year she has not released any records, but became a walking ground for gossip and rumors. The problem with drugs, hospitalization and imprisonment of her husband into custody. What woman can bear it. But among her fans proved himself to Nelson Mandela, who invited Amy to a party in Hyde Park on the occasion of his 90th birthday. In Central London, the singer performed the song "Free Blakey my fella".Guns N Roses came out of hibernationAxel rose is the mastermind and artistic leader of the legendary rock band Guns N Roses - presented a new album. Читать полностью -->

The star of `Sex and the city` bared at 52 years old

titleThe perennial star of the TV series Sex and the City Kim cattrall starred completely naked. The reason undressing was a very noble - the salvation of paintings by Titian, "Diana and Acteon".Cattrall filmed in the company of twenty supermodels British photographer Tim hunter. Hunter said: "She is in great shape and in my 52 years became the perfect Diana," says the photographer, " She, like no other, stands out from the twenty year old girls ".The shooting took place in the framework of The Culture Show BBC. The aim of the event is to collect 50 million pounds to buy out the creation of Titian his owner - the Duke Sutherlandshire and make the picture public. Source: the Star of "Sex and the city" bared at 52 years old (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Emma Watson overdone with makeup

titleEmma Watson went to the opening of the rink at the VIP Opening Night.Source: Emma Watson overdone with makeup (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Milla Jovovich will star in another horror movie

titleMilla Jovovich, star of the trilogy "Resident Evil", will play the main character in the film adaptation of the game series "Clock Tower" companies Senator Entertainment and The Weinstein Company. It is reported by Bloody-disgusting.Earlier it was reported that the main role in the film, played by Brittany snow.32-year-old Jovovich got the role of 18-year-old girl Alyssa Barron, which have to fight for his life from a bloody murderer - "a Man with scissors" . Director of the film will be Martin wise, starred in 2007 film "the hills have eyes 2".It is worth noting that Capcom released as "Resident Evil" and "Clock Tower". While none of the four parts of the game was not of the character of Alissa Barron.Heroes "Clock Tower", game - representative of the genre "survival horror", hardly ever fight, but trying to run and hide from enemies.The shooting of "Clock Tower" will start in November 2008. Source: Milla Jovovich will star in another horror movie. . Читать полностью -->

Bruce Willis sued

title"Die hard" was at the center of proceedings relating to his film company Willis Brothers Films. Upon application of the plaintiffs, Willis broke the contract and must pay $ 4 million.Some time ago Bruce Willis has signed agreements with three companies for the production of drama Three stories about Joan". Camilla Belle was supposed to play the lead female role, while Bruce himself was going to play not only in the role of the father of the heroine Belle, but also the first time to try his hand at directing.Lawyer companies, filed a lawsuit against Willis, reported that on September 29 last year, the actor had left the Director's post and actually dropped out of the project without explanation. Further comment the lawyer refused.Representatives of Bruce Willis in press contact not going.Information about the project stars of "sin City" appeared last summer. In the directory of the American film Market appeared the picture of "Three stories about Joan", where in the "Director" flaunted the name of Bruce Willis. Been announced and the budget of the tape - 10-25 million dollars. Читать полностью -->

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