For the inauguration of Obama purchased 5 tons of glass

titleUS secret service responsible for protecting the American leader, intends to take during today's inauguration of President Barack Obama's unprecedented security measures.To protect the guests of the event will be more than 40 thousand people. For the inauguration of a specially made new armored presidential limousine and purchased 5 ton four-layer bulletproof glass.Bulletproof glass, capable of protecting the new President from hazardous chemicals and fire set on the platform at the West steps of the Capitol where the ceremony will take place and on the podium in front of the White house, where Obama will oversee the completion of the inaugural parade, says the Washington Post.The inauguration of Obama awarded the highest status events "U.S. national security", and for coordinating all steps to ensure the security meets the Secret service, reports RIA "Novosti".Officially no details about the security measures is not given, but, according to the media, to protect Obama and the activities involved 58 representatives of power structures of the USA. For example, on the roofs along Pennsylvania Avenue, a parade, will be placed snipers around 100 fighters.Security in the city will observe 5 265 thousand surveillance cameras installed in the city, as well as automatic sensors to detect in the air, chemical, bacteriological and radioactive substances.According to official data, to guard and patrol Washington during the inauguration will be 23 thousand police officers and soldiers of the national guard and coast guard ships and fighter jets of the air force. All in all, the security at the inauguration Obama involved 42,5 thousand people.Recall also that especially for the inauguration for Barack Obama created a new armored presidential limousine based on "Cadillac". The machine is equipped with the most modern means of protection, and the license plate adorned with the number "44" - Obama will become the 44th President of the United States. Читать полностью -->

Film of the year in France recognized the picture `Serafin`

titleThe cГ©sar award for best film was given to film "Seraphine", directed by Martin Provost. The award was presented by the Chairman of the ceremony, Charlotte Gainsbourg and famous Hollywood actor-Oscar Sean Penn, reports ITAR-TASS.The film tells about an elderly woman named Seraphine, moonlighting as a maid. At leisure she draws pictures, but passion does not find understanding in others. By chance, one of her paintings catches the eye of the German art collector, a connoisseur of avant-garde painting. Between two completely different people tied anxious and unexplained relations.The female lead Belgian Yolande Moreau won the award as best actress. It is noteworthy that the ceremony coincided with her birthday. Читать полностью -->

John Lennon's `resurrected` for the sake of advertising

titleLost 28 years ago by an assassin's bullet musician of the Beatles John Lennon enlivened by means of modern digital technologies, to take part in a charity project "Every child a laptop"."Imagine that in front of any child, wherever they live on the planet, opens the door to a universe of knowledge," says Lennon in a TV commercial. - They will have the opportunity to learn, to dream, to achieve all that they want. I tried to achieve this with their music, but now you can do it completely differently".According to BBC, the widow of singer Yoko Ono gave permission for the manipulation of archival records Lennon. Hire this infomercial nobody is paid, and aired it out only thanks to the goodwill of the broadcasters themselves. It is expected that in the near future it will appear on YouTube.Recall that the purpose of the program "Every child a laptop, or OLPC, that is, One Laptop per Child, is to ensure children from underdeveloped countries cheap portable computers. The cost of laptops for everyone is $ 400 and sold them to the G1G1 scheme, that is, Give One, Get One " - " one, one poor." This means that buying yourself such a computer, you pay the cost of another, which will get children from Libya or Latin America.Specifications specially developed for the OLPC machines are quite modest - CPU frequency 433 MGz, the screen diagonal of 7.5 inches and a hard drive is no more than one gigabytes. Читать полностью -->

Athlete Rene Herms found dead

titleGerman athlete Rene Herms, multiple German champion and European champion among juniors in the women's 800 meters, has died at the age of 26.As RIA Novosti reported with reference to the German media, the athlete's body on Sunday in his own apartment was found by his mother-in-law. The wife of an athlete at this time on these things in Hanover. Concerned that the spouse answers the phone, she asked her mother to check what happened. His death occurred on Saturday, January 10.The cause of death Harms is not yet known. Local police have already rejected the version of murder or suicide.Hers was one of the best runners in Germany on the middle distance. He participated in the Olympic games 2004 in Athens, where he managed to reach semifinal heat in the 800 meters At the European Championships in Munich in 2002, he showed the seventh result that was the highest achievement in his international career. Читать полностью -->

Died a famous science fiction writer Philip Jose Farmer

titleAmerican writer Philip Jose Farmer, known for his works in the genre of science fiction, has died at 92 year of his life, said on Thursday the associated Press.Farmer died Wednesday while sleeping, said the representative of the writer.During his career, Farmer has written more than 75 science fiction short stories and novels about space races and fantastic worlds. His work has been thrice awarded the literary prize of Hugo (Hugo Award in science fiction. In 2001, Farmer received the prestigious Grand Master Award for literary achievement in science fiction.The last work of The farmer City Beyond Play published in 2007. Source: Died a famous science fiction writer Philip Jose Farmer. . . Читать полностью -->

The first lady of Estonia invented dress

titleThe first lady of Estonia Evelin Ilves came up with the design of the dress, which will be sold under the brand name known in the Baltic States brand Ivo Nikkolo, according to the website of the newspaper Postimees.Black dress of a simple cut, decorated with white embroidery, was released in a limited edition and is already available in stores. The proceeds will go to charity, in particular, on the development of sport in Merewalesi school.The design of the dress Ilves worked independently, and choose the fabric and color she helped professional designers from Ivo Nikkolo.As stated by the first lady of Estonia in interview the Internet-to the edition updated: ERR, there are no plans in the future to design clothes, because "on the horizon are still many unclimbed peaks". According to Ilves, have invented dress is the embodiment of her understanding of contemporary fashion and sense of style. Source: First lady of Estonia invented dress. . . Читать полностью -->

Devyatov saved a policeman from new year's fireworks

titleActive preparation for the new year is now people's artist of Russia Vladimir Devyatov. But the pre vanity almost ended in tragedy.Neither the world nor the Russian crisis has not affected the demand for the artist, so very soon Devyatova and his folk group "Yar hotel-mark" expect hot Christmas days. And while a family man Vladimir Devyatov buys gifts and fun holiday, one of the main surprises of which should be crazy fireworks.Buy Vladimir and pyrotechnics started the other day. What ended the pre-holiday bustle, says the artist himself:- In the store I was given a huge box where you put all my purchases, and that they not collapsed in the car, a box wrapped with tape. Well, then...The car was stopped by a policeman and suddenly decided to check the trunk of the artist. Seeing the box, the guard got a little nervous and started looking at Vladimir. Читать полностью -->

Nagiev will meet the New year at the Palace square

titleThe famous showman and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev admitted that will celebrate the New year at the Palace square of St. Petersburg.- New year's eve I will perform a holiday concert, " says the artist. - It is very nice that I received the offer from the St. Petersburg city hall, because news evening directly on Palace - it is a great honor. I really have not worked new year's eve with clowns, buffoons, firecrackers and drunken chatter. But this time I'll have to forget about his star status, because, when you drawn the Governor, it is possible to sacrifice a lot. Читать полностью -->

Director Rotaru robbed oligarch Usmanov

titleDirector Rotaru robbed tycoon. Olga konyakhina cheated Sofia Mikhailovna and Alisher Usmanov.A new scandal erupted around the legendary singer Sofia Rotaru and its ex-Director Olga Kanehirai. This time the financial dealings of former Manager celebrities touched and powerful. Konyakhina took 30 thousand euros advance payment for the performance Rotaru at the Christmas party Usmanov and handed them over to Sofia Mikhailovna, pascariu between a famous singer and billionaire.For none of the fashionable crowd of Moscow is not a secret, pompously and scope every year walking Alisher Usmanov. And in this year, despite the financial crisis, the billionaire decided not to change their habits and assembled popular singers on the party.The highlight of the program Usmanov decided to make one of his favorite singer - Sofia Rotaru. But the legendary singer has not come up to the feast, where she waited for hours. Читать полностью -->

Friske had a fight with the Army because of the fee

titleFor Jeanne Friske, whose voice at ready for the release of the animated film "Niko" says Wilma (weasel), the dubbing of the cartoon character made his debut. As it turned out, the singer in this sort of thing, and the fee therefore the singer paid - as "teapot".As we found out LIFE.RU this was the reason for the conflict Friske and Dzhigurda. Work on the animated picture proved Dzhigurda his baritone knows the price.Nikita immediately agreed to participate in the project, but the fee he asked for a double. Since his brutal voice we could hardly be replaced, we went to meet him,- has shared with LIFE.RU the project administrator.All anything, but only as an ambitious singer learned that the fee Nikita double that broke a real scandal.CartoonHowever in a cartoon characters voice actors, not friends. Graceful weasel ran away from home to realize his cherished dream - to become a singer. However, the beauty of the matter is adjudged to be in an awkward situation, but as Jeanne. Читать полностью -->

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