Arrested in Rome Russian violinist hanged

titleArrested in Rome on suspicion of selling fake vintage violins, teacher and violinist Sergey Dyachenko hanged himself, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the Italian edition of Il Giornale.The body of Sergey Dyachenko November 1, was discovered by the wife in the Roman apartment of spouses, where he was under house arrest.64-year-old native of the former USSR, a student of Herbert von Karajan, was suspected by the police that under the guise of old instruments was selling his disciples conventional violin.The investigation against Sergey Dyachenko was initiated after law enforcement authorities asked one of his disciples.For 650 thousand euros Dyachenko sold him old violin, allegedly made in Italy in 1784, however, the examination showed that the tool is made in Germany and only costs 3000 euros.Police detained Sergey Dyachenko, when the student passed the 120 thousand euros for another tool. It was also found that Dyachenko managed to sell "vintage" instruments other five to his disciples, receiving for each from twenty to eighty thousand Euro. The suspect claimed that some of the violins he purchased on Rome's flea market Porta Portese. Source: Arrested in Rome Russian violinist hanged. . . Читать полностью -->

Discovered sketches presumably the work of da Vinci

titleThe staff of the Louvre found three sketches that may belong to the great Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, has informed on Thursday Agency France Presse with reference to the statement of the Museum.The document States that previously unknown sketches, probably done by da Vinci, were discovered during routine examination of paintings in the laboratory of the Louvre on the reverse known works of the Italian masters - "Madonna and child with Saint Anne"."When painting, painted in oil on wood, removed, curator of the Department of painting of the notice on the reverse side two a slight sketch depicting a horse's head and half of the skull" - said in a statement.After this painting "Madonna and child with Saint Anne" was sent for further examination, and experts found the third sketch, which depicts the baby Jesus and lamb.The researchers have called the find "extraordinary discovery". To the naked eye to see, the outline is almost impossible, and that's why their existence was not known."This is an extraordinary discovery, sketches on the reverse side of the work (meet) is very rare, and to date about these sketches Leonardo was not known", - the document says.At present, specialists of the Louvre continues to explore the sketches found on reverse side of the work of a great master. Source: Discovered sketches presumably the work of da Vinci. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Times has named the top ten favorite dishes of Obama

titleOn the eve of the inauguration of the 44th President of the USA, the British newspaper the Times published a top 10 favorite dishes of Barack Obama.According to the publication, most of the new U.S. President loves "Stunning chili with beef". Obama has his own recipe for this very spicy dish.Followed by pizza with mushrooms, garlic and mint, which Obama always orders by visiting your favorite Italian restaurant in Chicago. The third number are paired Burger and chips. Number four - sweet potato pie. And completing the top five honey pears with Parmesan and arugula.According to The Times, Obama also loves prawns with coriander, reminiscent of a childhood spent in Hawaii, where Obama, for the first time he tried to cook Chinese food.In seventh place in the list of favorite dishes of the 44th President of Indian cuisine - curry of spinach and lentils. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev was the victim of a young Gypsy

titleDiva was the victim of juvenile beggars, arrived at a private screening of the new film with Kristina Orbakaite in the title role, "Love-Carrots-2".Arbat Roma this evening lucky day: sassy boys had a chance to get a "subsidy" from the hands of the Alla Pugacheva. Little Amateur to poslastit bills attacked the star of the first magnitude into her "Rolls Royce".Specifically to Alla Borisovna was the first to see new movie with Orbakaite and Kutsenko starring in night blocked the cinema "October". Diva came to a little more civil with Maxim Galkin and star pattern Orbakajte with her husband Mikhail Zemtsov arrived a half hour early. However, my daughter has not been the first person I saw Pugachev on the way to the cinema.Is Christina the artist had a chance to talk with five Gypsies, who crowd rushed to star auto. Trying to impress, the most nimble boy knelt in front of the door of the car Alla Borisovna. Showering the star compliments, the boy noticed that the hand of Alla Borisovna already reaches into a bag for a purse, says "Life".- Alms, good aunt, ' cried the boys. Читать полностью -->

Shakira decided to have a baby

titleSinger Shakira says that she and her fiancГ© Antonio de La rГєa do not plan to get married in the near future, but it intends to bring his children."I am not a supporter of tradition," said Shakira. We live together as husband and wife, we don't need anything to make it official, especially for the paparazzi or magazines. Why do bonding things that are not broken? But I really want him many children.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Barrymore claims to be directing `Eclipse`

titleVampire youth Saga by Stephenie Meyer continues to be one of the most talked about film projects in recent months. Last week it was announced that Chris Weitz will not remove the third film in the series.Today there was talk that the Director's seat "Eclipse" claims drew Barrymore.Weitz, who is now urgently removes "the Moon", have to catch up to November of this year. The film will be released on the 20th. But the third part will be released on 30 July 2010. Thus, between the premieres of "new Moon" and "Eclipse" there is very little time. It is not surprising that the Studio Summit Entertainment has decided for the third time to change Director.According to Entertainment Weekly, the Studio is negotiating with several Directors. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears photographed for Rolling Stone magazine

titleBritney Spears showed photographers her body.Source: Britney Spears photographed for Rolling Stone magazine (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Fyodor Bondarchuk was urgently operated

title41-year-old film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk wakes up in the intensive care unit of one of capital clinics. The actor had to do emergency surgery on a recently broken hand.Severe fracture of the famous "commander" "9th company" received a week ago. The famous TV presenter, Director and actor on the set unsuccessfully stumbled, fell and broke her right wrist. Then Fedor did not attach much importance.FractureInjured hand did not disturb the artist. However, a week later the pain intensified and Fedor had to go to the doctors.- It is unclear how one can not notice that his hand was broken, and the pieces moved, " says the doctor of the clinic where you put Bondarchuk.The doctors TV presenter turned only when the hand became very sore and swollen. After an x-ray, the doctors gasped. Читать полностью -->

Named the most successful album of 2008

titleIn the USA published the final music charts 2008. As reported in a press release by the Nielsen company, the best-selling album of the year was the CD "As I Am" Alicia keys (Alicia Keys), who bypassed a Christmas album by singer Josh Groban (Josh Groban) "Noel".Furthermore, the composition Keyes "No One" was ranked first in the list of the songs that are most often put on the radio. According to Nielsen, the total audience of "No One" made up of 3.08 billion people, i.e., each American, on average, heard this song 10 times.From "No One" is only slightly behind "Low" by Flo Rida and T-Pain - the total audience of this song amounted to $ 3,02 billion people. This song was also the most downloaded track of 2008 (we are talking about legal downloads).Top 10 albums of 2008:1. "As I Am" - Alicia Keys;2. "Noel" - Josh Groban;3. Читать полностью -->

Stalin offered to rebury

titleThe day before, on 5 March, the member of Federal political Council of party "the just cause" Boris Nadezhdin said that Stalin should rebury in the Georgian city of Gori.According to Boris Nadezhdin, "by Christian standards, in human terms" correctly it will be buried "in the place where he came from"."As a result of the activities of the bloody tyrant, known as Stalin, millions of people in our country died from killings, repression, hunger, disease. The remains of these people often have neither the cross, nor the signs - they're scattered throughout our vast Homeland. Someone rot in the woods, someone in the swamps, someone in the camps. In such a situation, I consider that a sacrilege that this man is buried in the center of the capital of my homeland", - said the member of Federal political Council of the party "Right cause".5 March - the anniversary of Stalin's death.The party "Right cause" was made on 5 March, a statement in support of the initiative of other democratic forces to introduce criminal liability for propaganda of Stalinism and the denial of the crimes of the Stalinist regime. Source: Stalin's offer to rebury. . Читать полностью -->