Mischa Barton staged a lesbian scene

titleA couple of days ago the Internet was just ripped from the information that actress Mischa Barton (Mischa Barton) staged a lesbian scene during the celebration of his birthday.About it did not write only the lazy: Misha photographed with a girl whom she passionately kissed. And since on account of the actress involved in two lesbian films varying degrees of success, it could not fail to draw attention. And in addition, announced that henceforth Mischa likes girls because she and during the filming said that to participate in relevant scenes she likes.Today Misha performs with refutations. Here's what she wrote in her blog: "Certainly, many of you will have seen my photos taken at the party to celebrate my 23rd birthday. In the press this photo is called a lesbian kiss. Okay, so be it. Читать полностью -->

The princes will look for mates in front of viewers

titleIn January, the British TV channel BBC Three will begin a four-episode reality show where participants will look for brides. The participants are the real princes.Three volunteers, one of whom, incidentally, gay, spent a month in a specially filmed for their home in Brighton. Mates they were looking for in bars and Nightclubs, as well as on Dating sites. Make it look as natural as possible, one fiance got a job as a bartender, another filanto, the third is a hotel porter. Reportedly, at the end of the reality show noble bachelors opens fiancee their real names and invite them into his Kingdom.To spend a month in front of TV cameras expressed a desire 44-year-old Manvendra Singh Gohil, crown Prince of Indian province RДЃjpД«pla, located in Gujarat state, and the representative of one of the richest families in India; 44-year-old Prince of Remigi Kanagarajah from Jaffna (Sri Lanka), who is looking for a life partner, preferably aristocrat, similar to Princess Diana; and 30-year-old Prince from South African Zulu Zululand, who needs just an attractive girl regardless of skin color and religion.According to Rick Parnes, Executive producer of the project, a new reality show will be a mix of tales of Prince charming and the Comedy "coming to America" with Eddie Murphy in the title role. His hero, the leader of the African tribe, goes to new York for true love - a girl who will love him for his qualities and not for the high position.Sergey Savinov Source: the Princes will look for mates in front of viewers. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow said goodbye to the lawyer Markelov

titleAbout 150 people came on Friday to say goodbye to the lawyer Stanislav Markelov at the Ostankino cemetery. All those wishing to say goodbye to the dead in the cemetery entrance test police officers.Near the cemetery also on duty riot police and ambulances".To say goodbye to the dead lawyer came representatives of human rights organizations, the member of the Public chamber, a prominent lawyer Henry Reznik, and a former state Duma Deputy, brother of the late Mikhail Markelov, reports "Interfax".Markelov was shot dead on 19 January in Central Moscow. Who was next to him Baburova was shot in the head and later died in hospital. She will be buried in Sevastopol.According to investigators, the murder of the lawyer was connected with his professional activities. In particular, Markelov defended the rights of Chechen families Kungaeva. Elsa Kungaeva was kidnapped and murdered by Colonel Yuri Budanov in March 2000 in the Chechen village of Tangi-Chu. Читать полностью -->

The most famous kisses in the movies

titleAlthough Valentine's Day is long over, yet, I want to remind you of the love and return the romantic mood of this holiday. For this we offer you to look at a selection of frames with the most famous kisses in the movies. Enjoy!Source: the Most famous kisses in the movies (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Russian governors swept fashion for video blogs

titleExamples of the first persons of the state have become contagious to Russian officials. Played enough enough to favorite Boris Yeltsin tennis and decorating the rooms faces of Vladimir Putin, this time following President Medvedev they open video blogs.On January 19 at the site of administration of the Bryansk region was presented vlog Governor Nicholas deneen. In his debut video, the duration of which is slightly more than 2 minutes, the Governor appealed to Bryansk Internet users urging them to take part in the elections of city and regional legislative Assembly on 1 March."I'm happy to improve their computer literacy, flipping through web pages on the Internet", - said the Governor at the beginning of his treatment and switched to the topic of the forthcoming elections. "Open website easier than to come to the polling station," he said, calling on Internet users to participate more actively in the political life of the region.Nikolai Denin believes that the format of the video blog will be more meaningful and interesting for young voters to whom he refers in the first place. "Probably more interesting to go to the site on the Internet than to go on election day at your polling station," the Governor understands. He further warns Bryansk youth: "If you do not come to vote - approx. Читать полностью -->

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