Kim Jong Il visited the military art festival

titleOn Saturday, the North Korean news Agency KCNA reported the visit of Kim Jong Il festival of the art of war, reports Reuters.As noted in the message, the leader of the DPRK "warmly welcomed the participants to the event and thanked them for their successful performance". The event was also attended by high-ranking commanders of the army of North Korea. Where and when was festival, KCNA said.Recall that Kim Jong Il has not appeared in public since mid-August, sparking speculation about his serious illness and even death. The media of the DPRK to periodically report certain events attended by Kim Jong Il, and publish his photographs, the authenticity of some of which is questionable.According to U.S. and South Korean intelligence services, for the last time, 66-year-old Kim Jong-Il already suffered two strokes and actually retired from the leadership of the DPRK and the functions of the President performs his 62-year-old son-in-law Jang sung Tech. Source: Kim Jong Il visited the military art festival. Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva Galkin gave Golden phone

titleOn the eve of the New year Alla Borisovna has once again made the gesture, which proved how strong her feelings for Maxim Galkin.Diva gave the parodist and a close friend phone handmade vosemnadcatiletnie gold, black leather and ceramic buttons brand VERTU - CONSTELLATION worth a million rubles.Pugacheva, who is known among friends as a generous and hospitable woman, has surpassed himself, making Galkin unusual gift. Now Alla knows why and how Maxim dear to her. The phone of this brand is always associated with successful business people. Whatever you say, but Maxim is fully consistent with these two concepts. Young, handsome and incredibly charming parodist, with a gold phone from the hands of the Pugacheva, crazy millions of women in our country. But only one Alla was able to conquer his heart.GiftAccording to people from the inner circle of Maxim, a woman singing, she personally went to the salon VERTU and purchased this phone. Читать полностью -->

Vinnie Jones got into a fight in a bar

titleBritish actor and former footballer Vinnie Jones arrested for fighting American town in Sioux falls, South Dakota, reported on the Sky News website.As eyewitnesses told, the fight occurred in a bar, when Jones decided to play pool with other visitors. One of them asked the actor about his role in the movie "X-Men 3: the last stand. Jones took the question as an insult (in the "X-Men" he played the role of a mutant named Juggernaut). "He said he acted in many other films and stuff like that," reported one eyewitness.In a bar fight ensued, during which Jones was struck in the face by a beer mug. According to the police, the actor helped in the hospital, and then arrested. Formal charges Jones was not presented. Читать полностью -->

Kiss first record since 1998 album

titleIn 2009, Kiss are planning to record a new Studio album, the first since 1998, when the light went out "Psycho Circus", according to Billboard. The producer will perform the guitarist Paul Stanley (Paul Stanley).In the recording will be attended Paul Stanley, bassist gene Simmons (Gene Simmons), lead guitarist Tommy Tyler (Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric singer (Eric Singer).It is unknown how the group will distribute the forthcoming album. Previously bassist gene Simmons has expressed pessimism about the undertaking, noting that the recording industry was an utter mess and get people to pay for an album when they can download it for free, it is virtually impossible.In addition, in 2009 Kiss plan to continue their anniversary concert tour, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the group. In 2008, Kiss already gave a series of concerts in Europe, next year they intend to go on tour in the U.S. and Canada. Source: Kiss first record since 1998 album. Читать полностью -->

The jury of the Cannes film festival will be headed by Isabelle Huppert

titleThe jury of the 62nd Cannes film festival, held from 13 to 24 may, will be headed by a prominent French actress Isabelle Huppert.55-year-old actress became famous intellectual and ironic roles in the films "the Violette Nosier" and "Ceremony" Claude Chabrol, "the Pianist" by Michael Haneke, "8 women by franГ§ois Ozon, wrote several essays, edited magazines and led public dialogues with such symbols of modern culture, as Jean Baudrillard, reports "Kommersant".Among the 80 films in which she starred, 14 participated in the Cannes competition, and twice she was awarded here for best actress. These awards can be added received in Venice and Berlin, as well as national "Cezary", but Cannes remains the main place where her career blossomed.The head of the Cannes selection Committee Thierry FrГ©maux said, "to Offer the presidency Isabelle Huppert means to pay tribute to the one that used his popularity to advance the art of cinema, which fearlessly worked with young and foreign Directors". Among the latter, Marco Ferreri, Hal Hartley, Michael Cimino and Igor Minaev ("the Flood" by Eugene Sabatino).Isabelle Huppert speaks some Russian, last year came to Moscow with the exhibition and took from MIFF prize of Stanislavsky.The figure of the President of the jury at Cannes played a crucial role in the politics of the festival. Extremely rare cases where the decision was contrary to his will and taste. Usually he (she) is his creative and moral authority, not even using the right to the second voice, gets her. And often all of the jury formed "under the President" to make it even easier to manage wards. Читать полностью -->

Mikhalkov impartial opinion about the Zavorotnyuk

titleA scandal broke out between Nikita Mikhalkov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Always courteous and polite Nikita Sergeevich now at the mere mention of "beautiful nurse" is changing.The legendary Director is very harsh and unflattering far spoken out about cinematographic works are pretty overexposed people Zavorotnyuk. Nikita Sergeevich, being in the company of close friends who started talking about the sexy resident, suddenly changed in the face and, as they say, began broadcasting. Yeah so abruptly and rudely that close, saw eminent and beloved by viewers, Director and actor, literally became speechless.Concluded his fiery speech Khrushchev as follows.My words really akin to a death sentence Zavorotniuk as an actress, admitted the Director. - I believe that actors need to be popular due to his talent and roles in movies, but not at the expense of stories about various men and sexual intrigue.ZhigunovApparently, always tolerant of the usual actors and Actresses Mikhalkov, apparently, already could not restrain his emotions when he learned how Anastasia came with his good friend and talented actor Sergey Zhigunov.According to friends of Nikita Sergeevich, he does not understand how a woman like Zavorotnyuk, so ugly could do with the "Midshipman".- According to Mikhalkov, she owes him the appearance in many movies and rating projects on TV, such as ice shows, " says LIFE.RU one of the assistants of the Director.The very same Anastasia did not want to comment on negative comments in her address. Apparently, Zavorotnyuk is well aware that Nikita Mikhalkov, as if he did not, still one of the most in-demand Directors, which, even if it's not like many people, can still how to light and extinguish various "talents". Читать полностью -->

Brad pitt turned down the role in the film `the Fighter`

titleHollywood actor brad pitt is no longer listed in the new film by Darren Aronofsky "the Fighter". "Fighter" Aronofsky won will be the second sports drama in the career of the Director.The main character is a boxer Micky ward, nicknamed "Irish" in the performance of Mark Wahlberg, became world champion at lightweight. Ward was preparing for fights his cousin Dickie, who managed to wriggle away from the criminal environment and to stop using drugs.A month ago, Aronofsky said the following: "we have a wonderful script about the life of Micky ward. The project is very promising. I generally like sports movies - "chariots of Fire" and "Rudy" is one of my favorite bands. The script "the Fighter" was written by Scott silver, author of "8 mile". Читать полностью -->

A masterpiece by Nikolai GE is returned to the Tretyakov gallery

titleAfter a long break, one of the most enigmatic paintings of Nikolai GE "the Court of the Sanhedrin. "Guilty of death!" returns to the exposition of the State Tretyakov gallery.Monday will be a presentation of this huge canvases were long in disrepair, but thanks to the unique technology of restoration, restored to life, ITAR-TASS reported."The court of the Sanhedrin" belongs to the so-called "passionate cycle" written by Nikolai GE in the late period of creativity. This series also includes such works as "What is truth?", "Conscience. Judas", "Calvary", "The Crucifixion".The painting is full of vicissitudes affecting her condition. For censorship reasons "the Court of the Sanhedrin, which was written for the twentieth Traveling art exhibition of 1892, was immediately banned for exposing the President of the Imperial Academy of arts Grand Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich.Only a few were able to see the painting in the conference hall of the Academy on the eve of opening day. After the imposition of the ban, the author has taken his creation home at the village of Ivanovo in the province of Chernigov, where he continued to work on the canvas. Читать полностью -->

Ex-soloist of the group "Mirage" crashed at the ski Lodge

titleEx-soloist of the popular in the 80-ies of the group "Mirage" Natalia gulkin crashed on a snowy hill in the suburbs. The singer on "fast" have taken to hospital.Last weekend 45-year-old Natalia gulkin decided to hold health benefits in fresh air. Singer went to suburban sports-entertainment complex "Yakhroma", famous for its snow slides, ski slopes and all sorts of entertainment.To ski down the slope Natalia did not dare, but riding on inflatable rubber rings - tubing - a young woman had to taste. Incidentally, the hours of such pleasure costs 350 rubles.About nine in the evening when the Park is lit by numerous lights, Natalya with the lift rose to the top of the slope and began to go down on a rubber disc. At some point it suddenly began to roll from side to side, the woman collided with someone of the guests and threw her out of the circle. Natalya hit his face, from a split lower lip was gushing blood. Читать полностью -->

Dismissed the soloist `VIA Gra` no intention `to surrender`

titleDespite the resignation (recall, back in the band Nadya Granovskaya, and Bagaudinova was forced to leave) striking brunette Meseda, fortunately, not going to fall into depression and give up.In an exclusive interview to "KP" girl behaved very decently and confidently. Yes and the plans beauty "Napoleonic". She rightly believes that after sunset always comes the dawn and ready for a new assault on the musical Olympus.- Meseda, for you decision producers was a surprise?More of a surprise...- Why do you think Granovskaya took your place, and not the other members of the band?"Because at the time I took the place of Nadi. In the group were always blonde, the redhead and the brunette. Nadya brunettes, therefore, cannot be in a group together. Nadia, of course, has brought much to the group in the very beginning of "VIA gra", it should be respected. Читать полностью -->

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