The waiters sued Robert De Niro $2.5 million

titleRobert De Niro will have to close its network of restaurants. This is the denouement of the story, which began in 2007. Then two waiters sued the owners of the new York establishments like Nobu, Nobu 57 and Nobu Next Door (i.e. on the actor, chef Nobu Matsuhisa and their partners).On behalf of all his colleagues, and this is more than a hundred people, they accused the management of restaurants in that they demanded to give them a tip portion, and, moreover, did not pay overtime.Dubbed by plaintiffs amount is $ 2.5 million. De Niro and Co. agreed to pay the victim borrowed. Читать полностью -->

`The leopard man` will live in a nursing home

title73-year-old Tom Leppard whose body is covered with tattoos that mimic the spots on the leopard skin, announced his decision to leave the life of a recluse and live in a nursing home, reports The Daily Telegraph.Leppard for 20 years he lived in a hut on the Scottish Isle of Skye with no furniture or electricity. Every week he had to swim to canoe three miles to make the purchase.According to the man-leopard, he was perfectly happy during your life in the hut, but the years have taken their toll, and he became too old for this lifestyle. Especially difficult for him began Canoeing trips, and when one day a friend who has a boat, invited Leppard to take him off the island, he decided that it was time to retire.Leppard, former soldier of the special forces, originating from London, until recently, held the title of the most tattooed person in the world until it was surpassed by Lucky diamond rich (Lucky Diamond Rich of New Zealand. It is known that Leppard spent on your tattoos five and a half thousand pounds. Source: "the leopard Man" will live in a nursing home. . Читать полностью -->

The rating of the world milliarder

titleBillionaires and milliarderami sometimes are born, and sometimes become. But no matter how inherited wealth, is an important fact.Only here the fair sex with large States are less common than men, apparently, a relic of bygone times. In the world today, there are 27 women whose condition exceeds a billion. Not reached until the mark in 40 years, only seven of them, but last year there were five less than. Who are these young rich and fortunate?!1. The youngest of milliarder born rich, and where she managed to earn such a condition at only 24 years. Читать полностью -->

Korikova left without grooms

titleActress Elena Korikova about his personal life doesn't like to talk, but the news of her novels still come to the pages of the press. This spring, the newspaper wrote that Elena finally broke up with tennis player Marat Safin.It was rumored that the case went to the wedding. But in the end, the lovers parted. Now one of the most eligible bachelor of the country meets with the lead singer of "Brilliant" Nastya Osipova. The girl glows with happiness and says that he and Safin are all well.Korikova, too, did not long remain alone. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", she dated actor Andrei Chernyshov. Читать полностью -->

Marriage Maria, Mashkovoi bursting at the seams

titleVladimir Mashkov for his only daughter Mary was an example in many respects. Sadly, the young actress has taken over not only the profession of the Pope, but also his attitude to life.Vladimir Mashkov, as you know, went through more than one divorce. Here are the Masha and seems to go in his footsteps. Her marriage to actor Artem Semakin not lasted any decent amount of time, is already bursting at the seams.According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Mashkov already filed for divorce. If you believe the rumors, the reason became overly flippant attitude Semakin to marriage. If he would have had an office romance with actress Sophia Brown in the film the Lion Prudkin "Moon-Moon". Читать полностью -->

Modern artists turned art into a farce

titleContemporary artists from the times of the classics of post-modernism, avant-garde animator-entertainer Joseph Beuys sought to capture the viewer's attention, "Wake it up", to engage in dialogue.Accordingly, postmodern artist descended from heaven to earth (the boys did it literally in my time as a German pilot he was shot down in 1944 over the Crimea, and then fat, and felt it brought back the Tartars), closer to the people, and began to tell and explain directly on the fingers.If viewers will not understand - chart, thumbnail, "social sculpture" - all applied as part of the campaign. Professor Boyce was for "direct democracy" against all institutions, including government.The "bad" state versus "good" man in the street. The task of the artist is at all began to awaken the creative potential of the public.Visible visitorRussian artists, following the precepts of Boise, ID, strive to bring the art to the consumer, to make a sort of attraction ideologically motivated.At the exhibition in Central house of artists of nominees for the Kandinsky prize, for example, Diana Machulin in his project "Rubber soul" from brick color erasers built the Kremlin.The Kremlin placed on a pedestal in the form of the ballot boxes. Promise: "the Power of the Russian authorities to erase any opposition opinion." Visitors are encouraged pencils to practice writing conditional on electoral ballots.But, as reported by Diana Machulin in the article "what causes mass the love of art", the people, heeding the requests, filled out paperwork sacramental "Vasya was Here".An arrangement had been repeatedly destroyed and one of the art objects on display was completely broken. Machulin marveled that are broken up and a giant plaster egg in the installation "Pyramid" Kostrikov, spoiled "snow road" Blokhin and Kuznetsov, where the foam crumb simulating snow, invisible passer-by must leave traces.Left them "visible" visitor.And why should I be surprised: after all, adjacent to "snow track" stand where under packaging bubble wrap are hundreds of photos of prominent personalities, the public is invited to "pop" idols: Madonna with Stallone to Putin and the Pope. "Broken" were almost all.He said, "let's Go!..". Читать полностью -->

A suspect in the murder of the mayor of Kandalaksha arrested

titleOn Thursday arrested a suspect in the murder of the mayor of Kandalaksha Nina Varlamova. It elected a measure of restraint in the form of detention. The mayor of Kandalaksha Nina Varlamova was killed on December 16 night.Before she died, she managed to call the man's name is Dmitri Kireev, who was later arrested on suspicion of murder.In 1990 Kireev was a member of a local Council. He is currently unemployed. Sanity detainee doubt on the investigation, so he will be appointed psychiatric examination, RIA Novosti reported.According to preliminary data, the victim and the assailant were previously familiar. Verified information that previously, the suspect repeatedly threatened Varlamova physical violence, but the mayor did not take these threats seriously and has not addressed this issue in law enforcement.Upon murder criminal case under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code. Читать полностью -->

David Beckham jumped from the bridge

titleMidfielder of the England football David Beckham (David Beckham) jumped from a bungee-jumping in new Zealand Auckland.Football in New Zealand with his American club Los Angeles galaxy, made two jumps with bungee-jumping, mounted on a bridge Auckland Harbour Bridge by jumping to the "bungee" for the first time, Beckham was asked to increase the length of the elastic tether. Thus, during the second jump, he was able to touch the water. Source: David Beckham jumped from the bridge (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Gillian Anderson gave birth to her third child

titleThe star of "the x-files" Gillian Anderson and her boyfriend mark Griffiths became the parents of son, said the representative of the actress Kelly Bush People magazine. Felix Griffiths was born 15 October in London.Felix was the second son 40-year-old Anderson: Gillian and mark are raising one-year-old son of Oscar and 13-year-old Piper, the daughter of the actress from her previous marriage. Source: Gillian Anderson gave birth to her third child. . . . Читать полностью -->

Danny Boyle received the Directors ' Guild award USA

titleThe main award of the Directors Guild of the USA awarded to Danny Boyle for the film "Slumdog Millionaire". The awards ceremony, which was attended by over a thousand guests, was held in Los Angeles on January 31, reported on the official website of the Guild.The decision of the Directors ' Guild, as a rule, coincides with the decision of the American Academy, which awards the Oscars. Since 1948, when the Directors Guild started handing out their awards, only six times winner of this award is not subsequently received the "Oscar" in the nomination "Best Director".In addition to directing, "Slumdog Millionaire" is presented in nine categories of "Oscar", including "Best film".On 25 January, the film Danny Boyle was awarded the main prize of Guild of film actors of the USA. Earlier, the "Slumdog Millionaire" became the winner in the main nomination "Golden globe". Source: Danny Boyle received the Directors ' Guild award USA. . Читать полностью -->

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