David Duchovny got a new wife

titleDavid Duchovny has just been released from the hospital, having been cured from sexual addiction. But his love of the female sex could not be destroyed. Personal trainer David tennis Edith Pakai remarkably similar to the TEM Leonie, only 20 years younger.The girl does not deny a close friendship with the actor. She says they are just fine. "We are good friends and often play tennis together. He loves strong women. Читать полностью -->

`Sistine chapel` UN was the cause of the scandal

titleIn Geneva the UN building opened Hall of human rights and Alliance of civilizations, which is already being called the "Sistine chapel" of the XXI century.However, according to Reuters, its opening was accompanied by a scandal surrounding the source of funds for financing the project.Hall used to be called just "Room XX", however, was completely reconstructed. In the framework of Miquel Barcelo (Miquel Barcelo), one of the leading contemporary artists of Spain, painted the vault of the room, turning it into the likeness of the firmament of the cave, however, painted in all colors of the rainbow.The work took Barcelo more than two years. The area of the arch is almost 1.4 thousand square meters, and it is the most significant work of art, housed in the headquarters of the UN since its founding.Hall is a gift to the UN from Spain. The opening took place this week and passed with great fanfare: the ceremony was attended, in particular, the UN Secretary General, the king and Queen of Spain, the Prime Ministers of Spain and Turkey, the President of Switzerland.However, it turned out that the project, which cost $25.2 million, was partially financed by the Spanish government from the money that should have gone to the aid of developing countries. If this is not specified, about what sums there is a speech. Part of the amount for the reconstruction of the hall provided the Fund ONUART, which has the support of the Spanish business.Reuters also notes that, due to the opening of the hall, designed to serve the cause of justice and understanding, we had to postpone the negotiations between Russia and Georgia, who can not reach an understanding after the August war over South Ossetia. Читать полностью -->

Madonna collects dirt on her husband

titleRecently we wrote about the fact that lawyers Madonna, who will protect her interests on divorce, looking for dirt on the guy Ritchie. Apparently, some memories of the singer about the bad behavior of her husband, was not enough.In skycom case, guy now blames Madonna that she hired "some Khashimov", to watch him and that all this, in his opinion, resembles not divorce the two adults, and the "cold war". A source close to the Director told British newspaper the Sun that Madge somehow inexplicably becomes known, where the guy was and what he was doing. For example, she struck him in his knowledge of the fact that he recently met privately with members of his family. The Richie clan gathered over lunch to discuss the upcoming divorce. Madonna said about it, but for some reason she was aware of."The guy was hoping that their divorce will be more private. Читать полностью -->

Khabensky his wife died in Moscow

titleThe famous actor has brought to Russia the ashes of his beloved wife to bury him in his homeland. Monday Konstantin Khabensky laid the urn in a cemetery of Moscow.After 15 days after the death of Anastasia Constantine was finally able to hold her on her final journey, reports LIFE.ru.Constantine more than two weeks could not bury favorite because of bureaucratic delays. The actor even made reservations at one of the cemeteries of Los Angeles. At Olive cemetery Lawn Cemetery was ready for burial.But the parting had to be postponed because of documents for 15 days - this is the time period it took to arrange all the necessary papers. However, the funeral in the U.S. never took place. Читать полностью -->

Olga Kurylenko undressed for MAXIM magazine

titleUkrainska model and actress Olga Kurylenko, who played the role of "bond girl" in the last "James bond films", appeared on the cover of the December issue of the German edition of men's magazine MAXIM.The journal also published an article titled "Mein Name ist Olga. Olga Kurylenko", accompanied by photos of a young actress. Source: Olga Kurylenko undressed for MAXIM magazine (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

The film Konchalovsky's `the Nutcracker` amazes with scope

titleThe film "the Nutcracker - the untold story" with George Turturro, Richard Grant and his wife Konchalovsky and Yulia Vysotskaya created based on the eponymous ballet by Tchaikovsky. The film is set in the 20-ies of the last century. The project cost was approximately $65 million.The famous librettist, co-author of the rock Opera "Jesus Christ superstar", sir Tim rice struck by the scale of the musical film-fantasy "the Nutcracker - the untold story" by Andrei Konchalovsky, in which he took part."I already showed some ready-made snippets of the future of film, and I was most impressed with the amazing special effects. Going to be a really beautiful film," said rice in an interview with RIA Novosti.He also said that this project was priglashennym the author. "It wasn't my project, but I was very interested to work," he said.Rice noted that for him "it was a great honor to work with Konchalovskiy, and, of course, to write the text on the music of this great composer like Tchaikovsky.". . Читать полностью -->

The famous `fabricante` kidnapped son

titleIn modern show business, the story of how the young singer is fond of a powerful man (or Vice versa) and trying to create a happy family with him, becomes a textbook. And if someone with the second halves luck, then for other such alliances often end in tragedy.Singer Valeria at the time even wrote a book about what she went through in my first marriage. Jasmine (although it is her husband and helped her to become an actress) was also a lot of family problems, the crown of which was a divorce.History of the graduate of "factory of stars" Sogdiana also very revealing. The girl was not a superstar, but some downloads still present. To be a popular singer in our time means to have a wealthy fans. For one of these admirers, the singer got married. Читать полностью -->

Nicole Richie invited a Russian oligarch

titleTwo celebrities will visit this weekend in the Russian capital. The night before, Nicole Richie arrived in the Russian capital to participate in the fashion show of fashion designer Kira Plastinina.As you know, Kira while she makes art and writes sketches for the new collection, her father oligarch Sergey Plastinin develops strategies promote the brand, named after his daughter. Thus, one of the know-how was the invitation to the shows Kira Plastinina world stars.Nicole Richie, and more recently Paris Hilton, for the tidy sum of look at a new collection of girls-designer Kira Plastinina called Lublu. Its a show and a cocktail for the occasion will be held in one of the capital's shopping centers at the intersection of celebrities. But one fashion show cultural programme Ricci is not limited. As wrote on Saturday "Moskovsky Komsomolets", one of the main secular party girls of the world, as it became known, evaluate and nightlife capital. Читать полностью -->

The night Obama lost the White house

titleU.S. President Barack Obama happy that now lives in the White house, and it feels quite comfortable, said the representative of the head of state Robert Gibbs."I know the President, and on Thursday, he looked quite pleased," he said. According to Gibbs, the new President is very pleased that the White house can spend a lot of time with my family. While Gibbs said that during the first night spent in the White house, Obama, who is not yet very well knew his residence, was unable to determine where he was, and had to ask someone where he should go", reports "Interfax".I must say that the popularity of the first ever black President Barack Obama is rapidly growing on all continents. On the eve of his inauguration and after all over the world from Mexico city to Moscow is in full swing sale of goods with the image of Obama. Using the image of the 44th President of the US companies of different countries hope to increase their income. Читать полностью -->

`Tarzan` will film in the vein of `pirates of the Caribbean`

titleStudio management decided: reincarnational "Tarzan", which shall be prepared by the Director of "the Mummy" Stephen Sommers, will be like "pirates of the Caribbean", but only "with tanned actors flying through the jungle and jumping on the trees in the style of parkour, writes EW.(Parkour, note just in case, this is such a competitive sport that originated in France; its essence is to move forward and overcome any emerging obstacles without any special equipment; "pirates of the Caribbean is a trilogy about johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow).How Sommers will implement a Studio setting, of course, while no one can say. However, the script writes Stuart Beattie, had a hand in "Pirates of the Caribbean", and apparently now intended to inform the film corresponding to the spirit.To work out proven techniques on new franchises - became a tradition studios. So WB, gathering cream from "the Dark knight", has announced that restarted "Superman" will also be "dark", I mean dark. Here, now, and Tarzan - boy-raised-by-monkeys - will not deduct from a character of the book by Edgar rice Burroughs, and johnny Depp.Exit "Tarzan" should in 2010. Source: "Tarzan" will shoot in the spirit of "pirates of the Caribbean"". . Читать полностью -->

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