The TV show `House-2` under threat of closure

titleThe TV project "Dom-2" must be closed, and TNT should be punished for the broadcast erotic and obscene phrases.To such conclusion participants in the second experimental session of the Public Council on morality on television."In my opinion, what was shown, is a part of life, but not all always flaunted. There is some sort of line, and you need to understand when and who enters this framework. It should be discussed. In my opinion, the management of the channel should be fined for cursing and naturalistic scenes, pornography that is showing up in the TV project "Dom-2", in the amount of not less than 5% of the turnover of the company", - quotes the business newspaper "Sight" words of the Deputy Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin."What I saw today, is, of course, illegal," - said Dean of the Higher school of television of the Moscow state University, political scientist Vitaly Tretyakov, commenting demonstrated to the audience the cuts of the most rigid fragments of reality shows downloaded from the Internet, where there were shown scenes of sexual intercourse, as well as fights between participants and participants of the project. According to Tretyakov, seen - "this is the height of vulgarity, obscenities, obscene" and could have on the audience only negative impact, reports RIA "Novosti"."If the Public Council on morality already existed, then I would speak out strongly against such programs have appeared on TV, said the expert. "I would suggest that the management of this channel is given that this project is nothing but the depravity already depraved youth is voluntarily close it down." Tretyakov also advocated a system of fines to "curtail the ability of such personnel in the air".This view was supported by child psychologist Irina Medvedeva, who noted that "the scenes of violence are not amenable to any explanation, and the abundance of curses is a form of acute psychosis". Читать полностью -->

Naomi Campbell frolics with a billionaire on the beach

titleNaomi Campbell(Naomi Campbell) with her fiance, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, resting on the beach in Miami.Say they finally decided to legalize their relationship. Moreover, in one of the Russian jewelry house for several months working on the rings, ordered Doronina. They will be executed in the Russian style and decorated with the rarest diamonds. Source: Naomi Campbell frolics with a billionaire on the beach (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Belyavsky hospitalized in serious condition

titleThe actor Alexander Beliavsky, who is loved by several generations of Russian people, serious health problems.As it became known LIFE.RU Alexander Borisovich in serious condition was taken to the hospital named after Botkin with a diagnosis of heart failure. The actor was immediately admitted to the sixteenth surgical Department.- Alexander Borisovich now really is in hospital, - has shared with LIFE.RU actor's wife Lyudmila Tikhonovna. - He's in very serious condition, he again heart problems. It will stay in the hospital.Two days after admission to the artist became a bit better. Belyavsky is a separate VIP-room.- He did three days ago. Was delivered in a very serious condition - admitted LIFE.RU the hospital staff. Читать полностью -->

Caballe put an end to the relationship with Baskov

titleMontserrat Caballe set point in the creative duet with Nikolai Baskov. More together they would not participate. Besides the famous singer appeared health problems.On 14 February there was held a concert of the great Spanish Opera diva Montserrat Caballe and "Golden tenor" of Russia Nikolay Baskov in "Lincoln center" in new York. A pleasure to behold Caballe and Baskov at a joint concert cost art lovers in the $ 300 per ticket, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets".To the American public the stars sang arias from operas,as well as Spanish, Italian and Russian songs. Encore Nicholas and Montserrat sang a duet of "black Eyes". Basque, of course, could not do without your show presentation and public declarations of love Opera divas. Читать полностью -->

Vija Artmane buried in Riga

titleActress Vija Artmane buried on Pokrovsk a cemetery in Riga, reports RIA Novosti.The funeral was attended by several thousand people. Before parting with the actress took place in a Christ-Nativity Cathedral, where he conducted a Requiem service Metropolitan of Riga and all Latvia Alexander.People's artist of the USSR Vija Artmane died 11 October on the 79 th year of life. The actress nearly 50 years working in Art academic theatre named after Yan Rainis. In 1999 she moved to Riga youth theatre. During his career Artmane starred in nearly 40 films and 70-ies was one of the most popular Actresses of the Soviet cinema. Source: Vija Artmane buried in Riga. Читать полностью -->

Prince William used combat aircraft for personal purposes

titlePrince William, the eldest son of the heir to the British throne Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, during the internship in the number of air force used military aircraft for personal purposes.However, the command claims that he knew nothing about it, according to British media.In April of this year one of the British tabloids reported that Prince William went to a bachelor party for his cousin in a helicopter of the Royal air force. This news caused a great public outcry. Politicians were outraged that a combat helicopter being used for private entertainment instead participate in military operations.However, in that case the heir to the British throne has stood the defence Ministry, which said that the flight to the Isle of Wight was "planned learning event, which allowed the Prince to consolidate flying skills". Now the command of the British air force States that did not have complete information about "training flights" of Prince William.In documents obtained by this newspaper under the law on free access to information, States that the flights would be canceled if the commanders knew that the heir to the British throne uses them for personal purposes. According to the publication, five training flights in a helicopter Chinook, including "questionable" crashes that were reported by the media, has cost taxpayers 86.5 thousand pounds (135 thousand dollars).Among the cases of "inappropriate" use of military equipment are also visiting Prince William estates of his father "Haygroup" in the South West of England and "training" landing a helicopter near the house of his girlfriend Kate Middleton. "Prince William admits that these flights were naive antics and assumes some responsibility for the incident", - told the representative of the Royal family."The time I spent in the Royal air force earlier this year, helped me understand how much I love to fly," he said in his defense Prince William, who in September announced that it is now going to be trained on the pilot search and rescue service. Читать полностью -->

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