The most famous kisses in the movies

titleAlthough Valentine's Day is long over, yet, I want to remind you of the love and return the romantic mood of this holiday. For this we offer you to look at a selection of frames with the most famous kisses in the movies. Enjoy!Source: the Most famous kisses in the movies (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Russian governors swept fashion for video blogs

titleExamples of the first persons of the state have become contagious to Russian officials. Played enough enough to favorite Boris Yeltsin tennis and decorating the rooms faces of Vladimir Putin, this time following President Medvedev they open video blogs.On January 19 at the site of administration of the Bryansk region was presented vlog Governor Nicholas deneen. In his debut video, the duration of which is slightly more than 2 minutes, the Governor appealed to Bryansk Internet users urging them to take part in the elections of city and regional legislative Assembly on 1 March."I'm happy to improve their computer literacy, flipping through web pages on the Internet", - said the Governor at the beginning of his treatment and switched to the topic of the forthcoming elections. "Open website easier than to come to the polling station," he said, calling on Internet users to participate more actively in the political life of the region.Nikolai Denin believes that the format of the video blog will be more meaningful and interesting for young voters to whom he refers in the first place. "Probably more interesting to go to the site on the Internet than to go on election day at your polling station," the Governor understands. He further warns Bryansk youth: "If you do not come to vote - approx. Читать полностью -->

Top model undressed for single men

titleIn the latest issue of Spanish magazine DT magazine published a series of black and white pictures naked Brazilian top models.Source: Top model undressed for single men (photo). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Guitarist of The Rolling Stones writes autobiography

titleGuitarist of The Rolling Stones Keith Richards (Keith Richards) writes an autobiography. This was announced by his spokesman Bernard Doherty Bernard Doherty) music channel BBC 6.Now Richards lives in the Caribbean, where he is engaged in work on the book.Bernard Doherty has denied rumors that Richards plans to release a new solo album.In addition to participating in the recording more than 20 albums of The Rolling Stones Richards in his career he has released only three solo disc in 1988-1992. The rolling Stones in those years, only released one album. Source: the guitarist of the Rolling Stones writes autobiography. . . Читать полностью -->

Valdis Pelsh save doctors

titleThe musically savvy presenter of the First channel, Valdis Pelsh, crippled unpleasant ailment.It's been a week showman lieth at home sick with a terrible sore throat. According to the charismatic Latvian, the body can not withstand the cold weather or stress.- I had to call an ambulance, as the temperature is decreased, - said "TD" Valdis. - They did not pick me up, and made a few jabs.AggravationOn the fifth day of the disease Pelsh began to lose the voice - more importantly, what he did for a living.According to the observations of physicians, the TV presenter got sick so suddenly in fact that the body is weakened after a recent severe inflammation. In order to fully recover, Valdis takes several years. Source: Valdis Pelsh save doctors. . Читать полностью -->

Unknown robbed the house of alekandra Tsekalo

titleUnknown robbed a popular showman and TV presenter Alexander Tsekalo in his house in the elite village of Glukhovo on the ruble. This was announced by the representative of law enforcement bodies of Moscow region.According to him, yesterday at 21:00 Moscow time at the house of Alexander Tsekalo has penetrated four unknown persons in masks, threatening with a pistol to him, his wife Victoria Galushko and housewife tied them. The robbers took seven million rubles in cash and jewelry, which are popular showman estimated at five million, after which the robbers fled.The representative of law enforcement bodies of Moscow region noted that after leaving the criminals showman was able to break free from the ropes and call the police. During the attack the victim is not physically injured. Note, during the attack in the house there was also one year old daughter of Alexander Tsekalo and Victoria Galushko. I must say that when the house got the robbers, the showman family celebrated the first birthday of his daughter. Читать полностью -->

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