Sobchak was poisoned on the project `the Last hero`

titleExotic work in Panama, where the First channel filmed the project "Last hero", turned to his leading Ksenia Sobchak big trouble and new sensations.As told colleagues socialite sufferers, after taking TB pills she was sick...two days in a row.Although .. on the leading rights "Hero" lived in a five star hotel and not where have the rest of the project, some of the requirements of the organizers she had to do. Making even in Moscow all the necessary vaccinations, on the Prime Meridian Sobchak was put before the fact: now we need to drink a course of special pills against tuberculosis. Administrators explained it this way: safe zone ended, and with a certain day we should take the lion servings of antibiotics to not catching an infection.- We stuffed it with different antibiotics - shares with LIFE.RU Nikita Dzhigurda. And said we can get TB, but because of acid rain can be the consequences.On the "Last hero" - the irony of fate: the project's producers wanted to protect the participants, but in fact turned out to be quite the opposite. Vice versa and round: as it became known LIFE.RU in extreme situation of Ksenia Sobchak appeared side effects. Читать полностью -->

Georgia won the Eurovision-2008`

titleGeorgian trio Bzikebi won the international children's contest "Eurovision-2008", which was held at the Palace of sports of the city of Limassol on the island of Cyprus in the night of Sunday.Participants Bzikebi that under the sixth room has performed in Cyprus the song called Bzzz mimic the buzzing of a bumblebee, scored the most points during the 15-minute international telephone and SMS voting.The trio walked competitors from 14 countries participating, among whom was a Russian artist, 12-year-old Michael Pips from the village Nizhniy Mamon, Voronezh region with the song "Sleeping angel", who took seventh place.Second place was taken by Ukrainian singer Victoria Petrik with the song "Sailors". Rounded out the top three Lithuanian artist Egle, Urgeirica with composition Laiminga diena.This year the voting rules have changed: the winner was chosen not only spectators, but also special professional jury from each of the participating countries, but still the final word is left for the audience. Across the country, representing one of its members, may not vote for it.The competition was attended by young artists from Russia, Romania, Armenia, Belarus, Greece, Georgia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Serbia, Malta, Netherlands, Ukraine, Lithuania, Macedonia and Cyprus.In addition to presentations by the participants and spectators of Junior Eurovision song contest were in for a surprise: at the conclusion of the competition as an honorable guest from Russia on the stage of Limassol was made by Dima Bilan, who won on a "adult" Eurovision-2008" in Belgrade.By the rules of the contest, the age of participants should be 10 to 15 years. Performed at the contest, the song must be written and sung in the national language of the contestant and must not be played anywhere else before.Russia first participated in the Junior Eurovision song contest in the city of Hasselt (Belgium) in 2005. The interests of the country was represented by nine-year-old Vlad Krutskikh with the team of "street magic". Live broadcast of the competition, according to the research company Gallup Media, saw almost every fourth citizen of Russia (24.3 per cent). Читать полностью -->

Kim Jong Il visited the military art festival

titleOn Saturday, the North Korean news Agency KCNA reported the visit of Kim Jong Il festival of the art of war, reports Reuters.As noted in the message, the leader of the DPRK "warmly welcomed the participants to the event and thanked them for their successful performance". The event was also attended by high-ranking commanders of the army of North Korea. Where and when was festival, KCNA said.Recall that Kim Jong Il has not appeared in public since mid-August, sparking speculation about his serious illness and even death. The media of the DPRK to periodically report certain events attended by Kim Jong Il, and publish his photographs, the authenticity of some of which is questionable.According to U.S. and South Korean intelligence services, for the last time, 66-year-old Kim Jong-Il already suffered two strokes and actually retired from the leadership of the DPRK and the functions of the President performs his 62-year-old son-in-law Jang sung Tech. Source: Kim Jong Il visited the military art festival. Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva Galkin gave Golden phone

titleOn the eve of the New year Alla Borisovna has once again made the gesture, which proved how strong her feelings for Maxim Galkin.Diva gave the parodist and a close friend phone handmade vosemnadcatiletnie gold, black leather and ceramic buttons brand VERTU - CONSTELLATION worth a million rubles.Pugacheva, who is known among friends as a generous and hospitable woman, has surpassed himself, making Galkin unusual gift. Now Alla knows why and how Maxim dear to her. The phone of this brand is always associated with successful business people. Whatever you say, but Maxim is fully consistent with these two concepts. Young, handsome and incredibly charming parodist, with a gold phone from the hands of the Pugacheva, crazy millions of women in our country. But only one Alla was able to conquer his heart.GiftAccording to people from the inner circle of Maxim, a woman singing, she personally went to the salon VERTU and purchased this phone. Читать полностью -->

Vinnie Jones got into a fight in a bar

titleBritish actor and former footballer Vinnie Jones arrested for fighting American town in Sioux falls, South Dakota, reported on the Sky News website.As eyewitnesses told, the fight occurred in a bar, when Jones decided to play pool with other visitors. One of them asked the actor about his role in the movie "X-Men 3: the last stand. Jones took the question as an insult (in the "X-Men" he played the role of a mutant named Juggernaut). "He said he acted in many other films and stuff like that," reported one eyewitness.In a bar fight ensued, during which Jones was struck in the face by a beer mug. According to the police, the actor helped in the hospital, and then arrested. Formal charges Jones was not presented. Читать полностью -->

Kiss first record since 1998 album

titleIn 2009, Kiss are planning to record a new Studio album, the first since 1998, when the light went out "Psycho Circus", according to Billboard. The producer will perform the guitarist Paul Stanley (Paul Stanley).In the recording will be attended Paul Stanley, bassist gene Simmons (Gene Simmons), lead guitarist Tommy Tyler (Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric singer (Eric Singer).It is unknown how the group will distribute the forthcoming album. Previously bassist gene Simmons has expressed pessimism about the undertaking, noting that the recording industry was an utter mess and get people to pay for an album when they can download it for free, it is virtually impossible.In addition, in 2009 Kiss plan to continue their anniversary concert tour, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the group. In 2008, Kiss already gave a series of concerts in Europe, next year they intend to go on tour in the U.S. and Canada. Source: Kiss first record since 1998 album. Читать полностью -->

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