The KHL has punished those responsible for the death of Cherepanov

titleContinental hockey League (KHL) has issued punish guilty in the death of hockey player Omsk "Avant-guard" Alexey Tcherepanov, died 13 October last year at the age of 19.Lifetime disqualification was received by the heads and doctors of Vanguard, and former Director of the Moscow "Vityaz", according to "Sport-Express".Former President "Avant-guard" Konstantin Potapov and CEO of club Anatoly Bardin banned for life. The same punishment was received by the former Director of the "Vityaz" Mikhail Denisov, having been convicted at that time of the match Vityaz - Avangard was not provided with adequate conditions for the meeting.The doctor "avant-Garde" Sergey Belkin also received lifetime bans, and his colleague Dmitry Matushenko suspended for two years. According to the Vice-President of the KHL Vladimir Shalaev, medical staff "avant-Garde" knew that Cherepanov suffered from disease of the heart, associated with professional practice in sports. The doctors guilt is not admitted.Shalaev said that the investigation established that three hours before the game with the "Vityaz" in the body Cherepanov was injected kordiamin. This tool was used as a medicine and not as a doping because the hockey player suffered myocardiocytes.During the away match with situated near Moscow "the hero", held on 13 October 2008 in Chekhov, Cherepanov lost consciousness. The stadium didn't have a car "ambulance", and when the doctors arrived, the defibrillator has been discharged. Читать полностью -->

Bjork has recorded a duet with the leader of Radiohead

titleNew single Bjork "Nattura", which is scheduled for release on 20 October, was recorded by Icelandic singer together with the leader of Radiohead Tom York, according to Billboard.Representatives Bjork confirmed the information that the British sang backing vocals in the new song of the singer. However, the York management has not yet commented on this information.The name "Nattura" single was in honor of the eponymous non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the environment in Iceland. In June bjГ¶rk with the Icelandic group Sigur Ros took part in a charity concert under the auspices of "Nattura".Bjork and Tom York has already collaborated in 2000. Together they recorded the song "I've Seen It All", which was sung in the film by Lars von Trier's "Dancer in the dark". Source: Bjork has recorded a duet with the leader of Radiohead. . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow Tom cruise 2 hours handing out in the cold autographs

titleTom cruise visited Moscow for the premiere of his new film "Operation Valkyrie". Came without Katie Holmes, but with Director Bryan singer and screenwriter Christopher Mcquarrie.Before the superstars visit to Moscow, the organizers held with journalists, the political Commissar, after agreeing on all the issues and warning: on a personal not ask about religion too. Say, so fierce that Tom cruise, we need to be careful with him.Tom cruise was a sweet man and a high-class professional. At a press conference he gave detailed answers and participated in the discussion of the picture even when journalists asked to give him a break.In General, behaved like a real person and not a bronze bust. Together with Bryan singer keenly interested in The location of an interpreter - he was discovered at the end of the hall opposite the guests, and with Brian and then the entire conference winks to the poor and even applauded him when, oblivious, delivered a long tirade in English, forcing the translator to reproduce the words in Russian memory.This is not the first visit to Russia for both Americans: Cruz came to Moscow in the late 80s, and singer and in General, it turns out, last year I was in St. Petersburg with George Lucas. Читать полностью -->

10 most insane spender in the history of mankind

title10. In Rome there were so many rich people as never was in other capitals. They tried to outdo each other in squandering. "Winners" were often those in power.So, the Emperor Vitellius whole nights spent on banquets, taking an emetic, mixed with food. For one of the feasts he needed 2000 birds and 6000 delicacy of the fish. It cooks constantly puzzled over the invention of new dishes. Читать полностью -->

Scarlett Johansson writes songs

titleActress and now singer Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson), said in an interview with MTV that he plans to release a new album, for which he wants to write original material. Her debut CD was a collection of covers.Johansson released an album "Anywhere I Lay My Head" in may 2008. The album, recorded with Dave Cytec (Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio, contained 10 cover versions of songs by Tom waits (Tom Waits) and only one original composition, composed by the Johansson together with Cytec ("Song for Jo").Now 24-year-old Johansson expressed a desire to make an album of his own compositions, although it said that it is just a plan for the future. The only musician Johansson still wanted to sing, she said, is Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen). Source: Scarlett Johansson writes songs. . Читать полностью -->

The participants of the show `House-2` got allowed

titleParticipants in the longest of the Russian reality show "Dom-2" on channel TNT decided to farm. The time for sowing arable land, unfortunately, lost, so they started with livestock.They built warm the coop and settled there first guests - 14 hens and three roosters.Will the birds love to build, is not yet clear, but the first day in a new place among them stood out the leader - cock breeds black Castellane, which the participants "Houses-2" with the move called Ruses."We once saw, knew immediately who he looks like, I told Nadia Ermakova, referring to Rustam Solntsev. - First, this rooster is a stunningly beautiful color. It's black with shimmer, and it has a very intriguing look. And secondly, he immediately began to operate surreptitiously a chicken something will whisper to the other...". . Читать полностью -->

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