Basque section Bilan at the party

titleAfter filming the last episode of "Star ice" on TV channel "Russia" Nikolay Baskov together with Dima Bilan and ex-wife of Alexander Domogarova Natalia gromushkina made a real Striptease.Tired of the show after a six-hour recording of the finale decided to celebrate the end of "Star ice" and gave a Banquet in one of the restaurants of Moscow.One of the first to the party came Nikolai Baskov together with his girlfriend Oksana Fedorova. The couple decided not to hide their relationship, Oksana and Nicholas confessed to friends that love each other.- I'm in love! - exclaimed Basque, gently hugging her beautiful Oksana.Fedorova tonight showed their attitude to the satellite is not words, but deeds: not hiding from prying eyes, she kissed Kohl passionate kisses.The official part was over, now you can declare that began a voluntary program! said into the microphone Elena Tchaikovskaya.DanceDima Bilan decided to share your mood with others. He pulled to the scene of his friend Nikolai Baskov.Naughty couple was hosting a real dance floor Orgy: Basque began to undress Bilan. When on a dime, almost no clothes, he stretched out his hand and pulled out from the hall, ex-wife of Alexander Domogarova Natalia Gromushkina.Naughty Basques decided to continue and after Dima undress and Natalia. However Gromushkina made it clear that such behaviour is unacceptable. She playfully slapped Nicholas on the arm, but the dance floor is not left and continued dancing in the company of half-naked Bilan.GuestsUnfortunately, after a painful fall on the ice one of the stars of the project Yana Rudkovskaya are unable to participate in the party. Читать полностью -->

Taisiya Povaliy had an urgent operation

titleDoctors in Kiev urgently operated on Taisia Povaliy, cut out her Appendix. Terrible pain pierced the right side of the artist during the performance.- Ty could neither stand, nor sit, she was very bad, " sighs the husband of singer Igor Likhuta. - Had to interrupt the concert and call an ambulance.The singer was urgently hospitalized in one of the elite clinics in the city with a diagnosis of acute appendicitis.- I thought I would not survive this hellish pain - recognized Ty. Not even painkillers helped.After half an hour she was urgently operated.Fortunately, all went well. Povaliy was operated by the new method, after which the body is only a little scar."But I'll take it away from plastic surgeons, says Povaliy. Source: Taisia Povaliy had an urgent operation. Читать полностью -->

Kevin costner became a father for the fifth time

titleFriday the 13th was a very lucky day for 54-year-old Kevin costner. His wife Christine Baumgartner gave birth to the actor's son (weight 4 kilos). Baby named Hayes.As admitted costner, the main "cowboy" current Hollywood, the name he chose with meaning: 's going to call him a hero in the next "Western", in which Kevin is going to appear.Hayes - five children costner: three children from a previous marriage to Cindy costner ( they're old enough - all over 20), and the eldest brother of the Hayes Kageno - not quite two years old, writes "KP". Source: Kevin costner became a father for the fifth time. . . Читать полностью -->

Found a lost manuscript of Oscar Wilde

titleNine manuscripts and four letters donated to the Morgan library The Morgan Library in new York-Brazilian Lucia Moreira Salles (Lucia Moreira Salles), which they inherited from her late husband, banker and book collector of curiosities.This collection of letters and manuscripts of British author 50 years was lost.Among the letters of Wilde is the letter to Lord Alfred Douglas (Alfred Douglas), is particularly valuable because of the large number of letters Wilde for him Douglas destroyed. It is the father of Lord Douglas, Marquis of Queensberry, initiated the trial of the writer, in which Oscar Wilde spent two years in prison on charges of sodomy.The collection was assembled and preserved by the grandson of the Marquis of Queensberry. In the late 1950's, she was long gone from the field of view of scientists and was considered lost.More than 50 pages of manuscripts is scheduled to be presented to the public at the exhibition in April 2009. Source: Found the lost manuscript of Oscar Wilde. . . Читать полностью -->

Emma Watson is preparing for the kissing on the set

title18-year-old actress Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the movie Harry Potter, have to kiss Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley.That's a concern Emma. "I've never done this before, so can't say that I have some sort of technique. I never kissed in front of the camera, so this is completely new to me. Of course, I'm nervous about it," she said. Her colleague Daniel Radcliffe's acting role in the film Potter and safely he naked in the Broadway play, comforted her with assurances that there is nothing special. "Apparently, after a couple of attempts it becomes quite boring, so I told Daniel," he told Emma the Daily Telegraph. Читать полностью -->

Actress Yekaterina Semyonova pregnant

title36-year-old actress Yekaterina Semyonova expecting her third child. Recall that Semenova last summer I got married. Her second official husband of 24-year-old Leonid to the delight of the wife is far from show business and cultural figures.He is a businessman, an American of Russian descent live in the United States.By the way, at first many thought Kate he said, angry at Alexey Makarov, a former groom. The son of actress Lyubov Polishchuk, Oleksiy after a stormy but short novel c Semenova became interested in a young model.I Semenova already has two children from different men. 17-year-old son Nikita from her first husband, a restaurateur Anton Tabakov and daughter Masha from her boyfriend - businessman Cyril. Source: Actress Yekaterina Semyonova pregnant. Читать полностью -->

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