Mironov was robbed at the premiere of `quantum of solace`

titleAfter the private showing of the new "quantum of solace" actress were missing phone and wallet.Unpleasant and so it comes to show business incident ended for Masha Mironova yesterday's private screening of "Quantum of Solace".As with all guests, in order to protect against the appearance of pirated copies, before the passage to the hall the artist had to pass the phone to the so-called cell. Imagine the surprise of the actress when she after the session came to his "cell phone" and found it under his room mini-safe. Fortunately, Mary did not come alone, but with his beloved sister Maria Golubkina.Which number is it safe?- perplexed, they asked Maria Mironova sister, which, incidentally, saved the situation.A half-hour looking phone has not brought results. The situation cleared only when armed with Maria apparatus sisters and tried to call to pinpoint the location of the phone. This operation is very easy: because of the loud music and the huge number of mobile, Mache has been unable to locate the phone.Irritated Mironov began to look in each cell, simultaneously cursing the organizers. It turned out that this evening Mironov were missing not only expensive mobile, but also the wallet.- We are very ashamed of Mary. Читать полностью -->

Masha Malinovskaya left Russia

titleThe most scandalous socialite Masha Malinovskaya left Russia. TV presenter left outside the country in order to celebrate your own personal holiday in America.Sexy luxury blonde Masha Malinovskaya with the appearance of centerfolds and bright green eyes is a true example of Russian womanhood. However, the socialite decided to celebrate his 28th birthday not in Russia, and in America, despite the fact that the greatest fear at the sight of the plane."On this trip to America for a long time I could not decide, - said Masha Malinovskaya. - The fact that I am very afraid to fly and even a half-hour flight is the real test for me.". . . Читать полностью -->

Georgia will participate in the `Eurovision 2009` in Moscow

titleGeorgia will participate in the annual international music contest "Eurovision-2009", which this year will take place in Moscow. This was reported by RBC senior producer at "Eurovision-Georgia Natia Uznadze.After the hostilities in August, Georgia refused to participate in the competition, as it will be held in Moscow. However, according to her, the Association of broadcasters of Europe "repeatedly requested" Tbilisi alter his decision to nominate a candidate for the contest."We agreed to participate," he said.Uznadze. It is not known who will participate in "Eurovision" from Georgia, the participant will be named after the preliminary round.Recall that on the children's song contest "Eurovision-2008" the victory was won by the Georgian trio Bzikebi. The youngest contestants performed a song called Bzzz, in which they imitated the buzzing of a bumblebee. Source: Georgia will take part in "Eurovision-2009" in Moscow. Читать полностью -->

TOP 10 profitable movies of 2008

titleEarning for the first weekend in the U.S. alone 167,3 million dollars, the movie "Twilight", with a budget of $ 37 million, entered the TOP 10 most profitable movies of 2008, including "the Dark knight".Betonska Saga has always been an attractive investment. With a budget of 185 million, the film earned 530,8. "High school musical: senior year on a budget of just 11 million, got 89, 7 million, 8 times more of the money that was spent on it.This year you can say BINGO!Robert Downey Jr. Two of his project became successful. Iron man (318,3 million) and tropic thunder (110,5 million);Will Smith earned not a few on film Hancock (collection 227,9 million).Women this year made box-office not only "Twilight", but "Sex and the city" (152,6 million), "Mama MIA!" (143,8) and "savages" (134,3).And so the TOP 10 profitable movies of 2008:1. Читать полностью -->

Shock statement pregnant Mariah Carey

titleSinger Mariah Carey is preparing to become a mother. Rumors about the pregnancy of 39-year-old pop singer found a strong confirmation. Not so long ago, she gathered his staff and announced the cancellation of the scheduled tour.Besides the singer intends to disband the whole team - from the costume designers to dancers. However, this news many were shocked. "People have fallen into hysterics, because I was hoping for good earnings and bonuses for working during Christmas and New year", writes magazine "7 days".According to eyewitnesses, to explain such a drastic action blonde beauty's only one. The superstar who in April married actor nick cannon, is expecting a child.Representatives of the star has not yet commented on a possible addition to the star family. Читать полностью -->

Anfisa Chekhova can remain without work

titleTV presenter Anfisa Chekhov, delight adults night program on spicy topics, may soon be unemployed.As it became known., the program "Sex with Mail Chekhova" closed. According to some reports, in December will be filming the latest episodes of transmission, and in January of the leading project on the Dole.The same fate and if waiting for program "Intuition", "Unbelievable but true" and other entertainment projects channel. On the air will only best hits like a Comedy Club, "Happy together" and "Taxi".Days.Roux called in the press-service channel TNT in order to find out whether the rumors about the closure of a number of programs and the dismissal of leading true."We don't confirm this information, - have informed us in a press-service. Programs are not closed and the air is not going anywhere".Comments from the leadership of the channel could not be obtained. According to employees a press-services, the company is now more concerned about the gathering of regional stations in Egypt, and in connection with the forthcoming departure of the leading persons in the workplace to catch is not possible.Itself Anfisa Chekhova in conversation with the correspondent Days.Roux also not confirmed the information about the imminent dismissal. As the media personality says, pausing filming "Sex with Mail Chekhova" may be associated only with technical problems."Lord, from whom all of you this comes information strange? "said the TV star. Читать полностью -->

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