The soloist `Disco Crash` appeared with a new ladylove

titleThe soloist of group "the Disco failure" Alexey Serov for the first time after his divorce from his wife openly appeared in the light with a new ladylove.After the high-profile breakup with Elena, who gave him a toddler, about the personal life of the charismatic 39-year-old actor was not long audible. Disappeared even secular whispers about his affair with Jeanne Friske. As found LIFE.RU heart "avarice" long and confidently employs tall blonde Catherine. Her tanned hand was tightly clenched Serov, appearing at the premiere of the film "return of the Musketeers".Is my young man, and there's nothing else will comment! - told LIFE.RU star fiancee.Himself Alex - in the best traditions of shtirlitsa - do not circulate details of the new novel, even among close friends. We only know what a couple in love living in the same housing in Moscow.LoveWhile Serov like in the pool with his head plunged into a bright new novel, the friends of the artist still communicate with his ex-wife Elena. According to them, the girl still can not forget Alexis, how can not forget and resentment related to his love Affairs. Including fatal seductress Jeanne Friske. Source: lead singer of "Disco Crash" appeared with a new ladylove.

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