The exhibition fair " ART Manege`

titleFair "Art-Manege", which presents works by contemporary artists, made in the tradition of classical art, opens at the Manezh Central exhibition hall on Wednesday.In this year's "Art-Manege" take part 68 galleries from Russia, CIS and abroad, told RIA "news" the Director of the project Olga Marutyan.According to her, galleries from Moscow were in the majority among the participants 13 art fair due to the current economic situation. "This year the fair is attended by more galleries of Moscow in connection with the economic crisis - because in addition to the costs involved, they have to pay for travel and accommodation, so regional galleries represented less than we would like," said Marutyan."We don't represent actual art, and more traditional, but nevertheless, I cannot agree with the popular opinion of the cabin presented on "ART Manege" works" - continued the Agency interlocutor.At the fair you can look through and, if desired, and relevant opportunities to buy works by the classics of Soviet unofficial art of Olga Bulgakova, Anatoly Zverev, Vladimir Yakovlev. Director of "ART Manege" highlighted the project of Francisco Infante and Nonna Gorunova."Infante Goryunova and presented in a very beautiful project Pauline Lobachevsky "Snow Meridian" - there's going to snow, and building complicated," said Marutyan.In addition, she noted the gallery "Kultproekt" that demonstrates scenography George Cooper for Bizet's Opera "Carmen" in the form of 12 large-format drawings of costumes, performed on metal sheets.According to the Director of "ART Manege", they as organizers insist that the gallery did not show a selection of works by their artists, and the whole artistic projects.During the 13 years of its existence, "ART Manege" was the evolutionary path from the forum on which are arranged drastic actions, such as chopping cardboard copies of Orthodox icons the artist Avdei Ter-Oganyan, for which he was convicted and emigrated to the fair of contemporary art, but close to the classics."ART Manege" will run until December 7. Source: Moscow fair "ART Manege"".

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