Mironov was robbed at the premiere of `quantum of solace`

titleAfter the private showing of the new "quantum of solace" actress were missing phone and wallet.Unpleasant and so it comes to show business incident ended for Masha Mironova yesterday's private screening of "Quantum of Solace".As with all guests, in order to protect against the appearance of pirated copies, before the passage to the hall the artist had to pass the phone to the so-called cell. Imagine the surprise of the actress when she after the session came to his "cell phone" and found it under his room mini-safe. Fortunately, Mary did not come alone, but with his beloved sister Maria Golubkina.Which number is it safe?- perplexed, they asked Maria Mironova sister, which, incidentally, saved the situation.A half-hour looking phone has not brought results. The situation cleared only when armed with Maria apparatus sisters and tried to call to pinpoint the location of the phone. This operation is very easy: because of the loud music and the huge number of mobile, Mache has been unable to locate the phone.Irritated Mironov began to look in each cell, simultaneously cursing the organizers. It turned out that this evening Mironov were missing not only expensive mobile, but also the wallet.- We are very ashamed of Mary. Wallet could be stolen by anyone, because the premiere was a lot of people - said the organizers of the event.Sisters steadfastly waited until all the guests to leave and all the cells will be released. And fortunately girls phone magically found, what can be said about the wallet. Source: Mironov was robbed at the premiere of "quantum of solace"".

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