TOP 10 profitable movies of 2008

titleEarning for the first weekend in the U.S. alone 167,3 million dollars, the movie "Twilight", with a budget of $ 37 million, entered the TOP 10 most profitable movies of 2008, including "the Dark knight".Betonska Saga has always been an attractive investment. With a budget of 185 million, the film earned 530,8. "High school musical: senior year on a budget of just 11 million, got 89, 7 million, 8 times more of the money that was spent on it.This year you can say BINGO!Robert Downey Jr. Two of his project became successful. Iron man (318,3 million) and tropic thunder (110,5 million);Will Smith earned not a few on film Hancock (collection 227,9 million).Women this year made box-office not only "Twilight", but "Sex and the city" (152,6 million), "Mama MIA!" (143,8) and "savages" (134,3).And so the TOP 10 profitable movies of 2008:1. The dark knight 530,8 million2. Iron man 318,3 million3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal skull 317 million4. Hancock 227,9 million5. Wall-e 223,8 million6. Kung fu Panda million to 215, 47. Madagascar 2 174,9 million8. Twilight 167.3 million9. Quantum of solace 164,3 million10. Horton 164,5 million Source: TOP 10 profitable movies of 2008.

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