Anfisa Chekhova can remain without work

titleTV presenter Anfisa Chekhov, delight adults night program on spicy topics, may soon be unemployed.As it became known., the program "Sex with Mail Chekhova" closed. According to some reports, in December will be filming the latest episodes of transmission, and in January of the leading project on the Dole.The same fate and if waiting for program "Intuition", "Unbelievable but true" and other entertainment projects channel. On the air will only best hits like a Comedy Club, "Happy together" and "Taxi".Days.Roux called in the press-service channel TNT in order to find out whether the rumors about the closure of a number of programs and the dismissal of leading true."We don't confirm this information, - have informed us in a press-service. Programs are not closed and the air is not going anywhere".Comments from the leadership of the channel could not be obtained. According to employees a press-services, the company is now more concerned about the gathering of regional stations in Egypt, and in connection with the forthcoming departure of the leading persons in the workplace to catch is not possible.Itself Anfisa Chekhova in conversation with the correspondent Days.Roux also not confirmed the information about the imminent dismissal. As the media personality says, pausing filming "Sex with Mail Chekhova" may be associated only with technical problems."Lord, from whom all of you this comes information strange? "said the TV star. - No, nothing was closed, false information, we continue to exist. We are out in December, the contract for the production of the program, and we are now discussing the signing of a new Treaty in which it will be volume, and so forth." Source: Anfisa Chekhova can remain without work.

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