Kim Jong Il visited the military art festival

titleOn Saturday, the North Korean news Agency KCNA reported the visit of Kim Jong Il festival of the art of war, reports Reuters.As noted in the message, the leader of the DPRK "warmly welcomed the participants to the event and thanked them for their successful performance". The event was also attended by high-ranking commanders of the army of North Korea. Where and when was festival, KCNA said.Recall that Kim Jong Il has not appeared in public since mid-August, sparking speculation about his serious illness and even death. The media of the DPRK to periodically report certain events attended by Kim Jong Il, and publish his photographs, the authenticity of some of which is questionable.According to U.S. and South Korean intelligence services, for the last time, 66-year-old Kim Jong-Il already suffered two strokes and actually retired from the leadership of the DPRK and the functions of the President performs his 62-year-old son-in-law Jang sung Tech. Source: Kim Jong Il visited the military art festival.

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