Pugacheva Galkin gave Golden phone

titleOn the eve of the New year Alla Borisovna has once again made the gesture, which proved how strong her feelings for Maxim Galkin.Diva gave the parodist and a close friend phone handmade vosemnadcatiletnie gold, black leather and ceramic buttons brand VERTU - CONSTELLATION worth a million rubles.Pugacheva, who is known among friends as a generous and hospitable woman, has surpassed himself, making Galkin unusual gift. Now Alla knows why and how Maxim dear to her. The phone of this brand is always associated with successful business people. Whatever you say, but Maxim is fully consistent with these two concepts. Young, handsome and incredibly charming parodist, with a gold phone from the hands of the Pugacheva, crazy millions of women in our country. But only one Alla was able to conquer his heart.GiftAccording to people from the inner circle of Maxim, a woman singing, she personally went to the salon VERTU and purchased this phone. Diva presents from all rulers chose CONSTELLATION for its discreet design, knowing that Galkin is not particularly fond of the pomp and pretentiousness. But buying a "regular" unit cost about 7 thousand euros did not, wished that such a "Golden man" should be just Golden phone.PhoneMaxim admitted that they would never have bought this phone, considering it too odious.I myself never would have bought, " he admitted frankly Galkin. - Not because it is expensive, but rather due to the fact that at some point he became a kind of odious attribute, the same as HERMES handbag. But this does not negate its elegance and beauty. In addition, he works out, he has a large memory, the battery lasts a long time and the connection is good catches. In short, I will say this: the odium of this phone would be enough so that I did not buy myself, but not enough that I did not use them, if you gave it to me. That is, in principle, I do.SurpriseRecall that Maxim not once did the prima Donna of expensive gifts. To recall them zasvacovaniu the private plane on which he took last year Pugachev in the hotel Abramovich in France in the region of Cannes. Generally the most favorite parodist Russia differs in that it always makes unusual gifts.- I love to give gifts and do it in a way to surprise people, " says Maxim. - Say, if it flowers, I will ink the entire apartment, which present them.Ahmed BASIEV Source: Pugacheva Galkin gave Golden phone.

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