Mikhalkov impartial opinion about the Zavorotnyuk

titleA scandal broke out between Nikita Mikhalkov and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Always courteous and polite Nikita Sergeevich now at the mere mention of "beautiful nurse" is changing.The legendary Director is very harsh and unflattering far spoken out about cinematographic works are pretty overexposed people Zavorotnyuk. Nikita Sergeevich, being in the company of close friends who started talking about the sexy resident, suddenly changed in the face and, as they say, began broadcasting. Yeah so abruptly and rudely that close, saw eminent and beloved by viewers, Director and actor, literally became speechless.Concluded his fiery speech Khrushchev as follows.My words really akin to a death sentence Zavorotniuk as an actress, admitted the Director. - I believe that actors need to be popular due to his talent and roles in movies, but not at the expense of stories about various men and sexual intrigue.ZhigunovApparently, always tolerant of the usual actors and Actresses Mikhalkov, apparently, already could not restrain his emotions when he learned how Anastasia came with his good friend and talented actor Sergey Zhigunov.According to friends of Nikita Sergeevich, he does not understand how a woman like Zavorotnyuk, so ugly could do with the "Midshipman".- According to Mikhalkov, she owes him the appearance in many movies and rating projects on TV, such as ice shows, " says LIFE.RU one of the assistants of the Director.The very same Anastasia did not want to comment on negative comments in her address. Apparently, Zavorotnyuk is well aware that Nikita Mikhalkov, as if he did not, still one of the most in-demand Directors, which, even if it's not like many people, can still how to light and extinguish various "talents". Source: Mikhalkov impartial opinion about the Zavorotnyuk.

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