Brad pitt turned down the role in the film `the Fighter`

titleHollywood actor brad pitt is no longer listed in the new film by Darren Aronofsky "the Fighter". "Fighter" Aronofsky won will be the second sports drama in the career of the Director.The main character is a boxer Micky ward, nicknamed "Irish" in the performance of Mark Wahlberg, became world champion at lightweight. Ward was preparing for fights his cousin Dickie, who managed to wriggle away from the criminal environment and to stop using drugs.A month ago, Aronofsky said the following: "we have a wonderful script about the life of Micky ward. The project is very promising. I generally like sports movies - "chariots of Fire" and "Rudy" is one of my favorite bands. The script "the Fighter" was written by Scott silver, author of "8 mile". The main role we will play mark Wahlberg. He has for some time trains".The film should begin in October. Studio Paramount, spending money on development of the project, delaying the start of work.This fact is very frustrating Wahlberg: "I was preparing for "the Fighter", and shooting does not start. I found that very frustrating. Since I was preparing for the role of the ward, it's been a long time - I managed to play in three or four films. But now finally received the green light. Just need to solve some of the problems with casting," says the actor.At the new York film festival, Darren Aronofsky confirmed that brad pitt is no longer involved in the project.Now the Director is working on the remake of "Robocop" and the representatives of the Paramount are looking for a location for filming "the Fighter". So in the near future worth waiting for when it becomes known the name of the actor who will replace brad pitt. Source: brad pitt turned down the role in the movie "the Fighter"".

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