A masterpiece by Nikolai GE is returned to the Tretyakov gallery

titleAfter a long break, one of the most enigmatic paintings of Nikolai GE "the Court of the Sanhedrin. "Guilty of death!" returns to the exposition of the State Tretyakov gallery.Monday will be a presentation of this huge canvases were long in disrepair, but thanks to the unique technology of restoration, restored to life, ITAR-TASS reported."The court of the Sanhedrin" belongs to the so-called "passionate cycle" written by Nikolai GE in the late period of creativity. This series also includes such works as "What is truth?", "Conscience. Judas", "Calvary", "The Crucifixion".The painting is full of vicissitudes affecting her condition. For censorship reasons "the Court of the Sanhedrin, which was written for the twentieth Traveling art exhibition of 1892, was immediately banned for exposing the President of the Imperial Academy of arts Grand Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich.Only a few were able to see the painting in the conference hall of the Academy on the eve of opening day. After the imposition of the ban, the author has taken his creation home at the village of Ivanovo in the province of Chernigov, where he continued to work on the canvas. As follows from the letters of the artist Lev Tolstoy, he repeatedly rewrote the figure and face of Christ.After the death of Nikolai GE his son sent the last two pictures of the father - "the Court of the Sanhedrin" and "Crucifixion" - Leo Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana. For transport, the canvases were removed from their stretchers and rolled into a roll, which was wrapped in Newspapers. The writer's daughter Sukhotina-Tolstaya, engaged in painting, re-stretched the canvas on the stretcher and tried to remove the fragments of Newspapers, vlipshuyu in the paint layer, but succeeded only partially. In many places newspaper font forever "fit" into the picture.In 1897, GE, Jr. gave "the Court of the Sanhedrin" in a gift to the Tretyakov gallery. The picture is very briefly hung in the exhibition, and then was removed to the Museum. In the twentieth century the painting was exhibited very little, but not because of censorship reasons, but due to poor preservation.Canvas decayed and deformed, the paint became dull, which greatly distorted the author's flavor. Last time "the Court of the Sanhedrin appeared in the public in 1981.The current presentation of the painting will last until January 18, after which "the Court of the Sanhedrin again hidden from the eyes of visitors, because the gallery will begin the reconstruction of the hall of Nikolai GE. In 2011, will mark the 180th anniversary since the birth of the artist. To date, the gallery plans to host a large-scale retrospective exhibition of works of famous Russian painter. Source: a Masterpiece by Nikolai GE is returned to the Tretyakov gallery.

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