Ex-soloist of the group "Mirage" crashed at the ski Lodge

titleEx-soloist of the popular in the 80-ies of the group "Mirage" Natalia gulkin crashed on a snowy hill in the suburbs. The singer on "fast" have taken to hospital.Last weekend 45-year-old Natalia gulkin decided to hold health benefits in fresh air. Singer went to suburban sports-entertainment complex "Yakhroma", famous for its snow slides, ski slopes and all sorts of entertainment.To ski down the slope Natalia did not dare, but riding on inflatable rubber rings - tubing - a young woman had to taste. Incidentally, the hours of such pleasure costs 350 rubles.About nine in the evening when the Park is lit by numerous lights, Natalya with the lift rose to the top of the slope and began to go down on a rubber disc. At some point it suddenly began to roll from side to side, the woman collided with someone of the guests and threw her out of the circle. Natalya hit his face, from a split lower lip was gushing blood. In the "Yakhroma" immediately called an ambulance, which took the singer to the nearest hospital.The clinic at the broken Bay Natalia doctors got two stitches. As soon as the singer stepped away from the fright, immediately left the hospital. Source: Ex-soloist of group "the Mirage" crashed at the ski Lodge.

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