Dismissed the soloist `VIA Gra` no intention `to surrender`

titleDespite the resignation (recall, back in the band Nadya Granovskaya, and Bagaudinova was forced to leave) striking brunette Meseda, fortunately, not going to fall into depression and give up.In an exclusive interview to "KP" girl behaved very decently and confidently. Yes and the plans beauty "Napoleonic". She rightly believes that after sunset always comes the dawn and ready for a new assault on the musical Olympus.- Meseda, for you decision producers was a surprise?More of a surprise...- Why do you think Granovskaya took your place, and not the other members of the band?"Because at the time I took the place of Nadi. In the group were always blonde, the redhead and the brunette. Nadya brunettes, therefore, cannot be in a group together. Nadia, of course, has brought much to the group in the very beginning of "VIA gra", it should be respected. She's a worthy person, which has its own niche, so nothing against her return I have not, I can only rejoice. Each person must take their place. My place in the solo project...- Probably, you have already managed to make friends with girls...- I leave the group with a light heart, because I believe everything happens for the best. Since my childhood I dreamed about the stage, and in any case I will continue singing career, this is my vocation. Return Nadya Granovskaya is a push for me. It's time to move on. I see myself as a solo singer, I want to bring on stage their emotions and feelings, to be able to fully use their talents. Group work has given me valuable experience that is needed for the next step, which I will definitely do it. The girls of course, I'll miss you and I'm sad to part with them, but life is not static... - With producers you've managed to maintain a good relationship? - Of course. I have great respect for them, they are not just talented, but also a worthy, decent people. I am grateful for all: for believing in me, for the invaluable experience.And if Granovskaya again leaves the group and you'll get back - get back?- I think that by the time it can happen, I will succeed in a solo career! In any case, my life will continue to be connected with the work. I, of course, sad to leave the group "VIA Gra". For me it was a very important life period, I learned the laws of show business... But each stage has a logical conclusion, and this stage is completed. I took from him. "Never say never", but to take a step back not in my rules. Recently, coming home from a concert, I wondered: are one, yourself to begin to storm the walls of show business. During the reasoning found out for themselves that now is the right time for it. Source: Dismissed the soloist of "VIA Gra" is not going to "surrender"".

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