Alla Pugacheva is rapidly losing weight

titleDiva now with might and main prepares for the April anniversary and lose weight. April 15, Alla Borisovna will be 60 years. Say, now she's lost over 15 pounds to please their viewers a new figure on the birthday.It is possible that grueling diet, which the singer is so rapidly losing weight was the cause of severe indisposition, which she canceled one of his speeches. Even a very decent fee the sum of one hundred thousand euros is not made the main Russian pop star to go on stage, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".The celebration, which was scheduled to perform Pugachev, was held on February 14 on the occasion of the wedding of the soloist of group "Dynamite" Ilya Zudina. His bride was Mary - according to rumors, the daughter of a Russian oligarch. They got married in one of the most expensive Moscow restaurants. Among the guests were "Ivanushki International", Vladimir Turchinsky and former soloist of group "A-Studio" Batyrkhan Shukenov.The couple really wanted to see at the wedding of Dolly parton and even offered her a large sum on crisis standards of the royalties. However, before the wedding Pugacheva said the organizers of the party that will not be able to sing, saying that health is more valuable than money. From these words we can conclude about the health of the singer. Perhaps the strict diet is quite unnerving Diva. If the transformation Pugacheva will continue to go this course, you should worry about how will be her anniversary concert, which she is tormented by the loss.Recall that Alla Borisovna has repeatedly resorted to the help of diets to lose weight. Among the many ways that she used were low-carb diet that allows eating meat and fish, but prohibits sugary foods, conversely, a diet with a complete rejection of meat. What diet Pugachev chose now - kept secret. Source: Alla Pugacheva is rapidly losing weight.

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