Alexey Kortnev not envy the fate of Valdis Pelsh

title25 years ago in the life of the now highly popular entertainers of Alexey Kortnev and Valdis Pelsh a significant event happened. Even the freshmen future stars came in student theatre of Moscow state University, met and created a group of "Accident".In the 90s creative ways musicians have dispersed, but the friendship was not less strong. Valdis Pelsh plunged into work on television. A wildly popular show "name that tune" made him one of the most popular characters. Kortnev such jumps in the career can not boast, but says that the fate of a colleague and friend is not jealous.Of course, the group "Accident" without Pelsh was not easy. But on the friendship of the artists of the "half-life" of the team is not affected."I never Valdis was not offended," said Courtney in an interview with "the source". - Understand that the glory fell on the man. Although at first I, of course, asked: "Lord, why not me?", but on the other hand, in ten years, said: "thank God that's not me." Not much I wished such a fate, which was formed Valdis as the bright representative of the class presenters. I like progressive creative movement"."When I left Vadka, find it difficult to master new forms of communication with the audience," recalls Alex. - All have become accustomed to our tandem, it was very good. We improvised on stage as gods. Now this cannot be restored, it needs to be all the time together, on the same wavelength. But we both already established entertainers. People expect us jokes, and we have the skills these jokes to give. Due to the fact that the President left, we had the opportunity to promote a brand "Accident". Pelsh was too popular figure. So all was for the best.By the way, now the team is actively preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary. To the delight of the audience, the former Duo will reunite on stage."I think by the twentieth of November we will have time to do a concert, that is, in the best tradition of our group, - shared his plans Kortnev. - These days we will be joined by Valdis. We'll look on stage is very simple and strictly in standard black pants, white shirts that will be worn vests, scarves, caps, sunglasses. Easy such theatricality of the action. There will be decorations. Probably will be very good!" Source: Alexey Kortnev not envy the fate of Valdis Pelsh.

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