The Pope will be connected to a solar panel

titleResidence of the Pope had a unique source of electricity. In one of the halls of the Vatican deployed complex of solar panels that will provide electricity to several buildings of this tiny state.Megapodagrionidae object representing a network of 2400 solar cells deployed on the ceiling of the hall of receptions of the name Paul VI. Photovoltaic modules bluish color occupied an area of five thousand square meters.As informs "Interfax", this power plant has a capacity of up to 300 Megawatts per year and donated to Pope Benedict XVI, a German company. On the occasion of the launch of the solar battery in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences will be the winner of the Nobel prize in physics Professor Carlo Rubbia, who will read a report on alternative energy sources and the preservation of historical and architectural spaces.However, not all technological innovations are similar to the good pleasure of the Holy see, said Cellular-news. Recently in his weekly sermon, the official representative of the Pope Federico Lombardi said that mobile phones are bad for people's souls.According to him, mobile phones and the Internet pose a serious threat to the soul, because they have significantly increased the pace, leaving people time for spiritual growth, and without a spiritual life "you will lose your soul," warned the priest.Recall that the Vatican regularly speaks out on issues not directly related to the Roman Catholic Church. So, in may of this year a large public response was caused by the statement of the Chief astronomer of the Holy see Gabriel Funes about the possibility of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life forms. It is noteworthy that his article was entitled "Aliens are my brothers". Source: the Pope will be connected to a solar panel.

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