Mystic dates is the Patriarch: he was led by God himself

titleKey events in life, and even after the death of Alexy II fall on religious holidays.Miraculously the memorial days of the newly departed Patriarch - nine and forty days falls on an important religious dates.On Saturday, 13th December, on the ninth day of remembrance of the deceased, celebrated the feast of the Apostle Andrew. And the 40th day of remembrance falls on Boxing day, the feast of the leave-taking of the feast of the Nativity.RoadBelievers see in these coincidences mystical sense.- Date is a language of symbols, " says the rector of the Moscow temple on Bersenevke Archimandrite Kirill (Sugars). - The Lord himself led Alexy II since birth!The baby, born February 23, 1929 in the family of a priest Mikhail Ridiger, was named named in honor of Alexis Alexis the man of God. And, as if affirming the exclusivity of fate, the future Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church has received the same name, when he became a monk. According to traditions, taking monastic vows, the person receives a new name. So he recalled his Holiness about the wonderful raffle:Patriarch Alexius I asked me what name I would like to get, and I said that got used to his name, and would like to keep it. But the Patriarch said that uncomfortable, traditionally have two names to put in the Shrine of the Saint. And was based on two of the name of St. Sergius of Radonezh and Saint Alexius of Moscow. And advanced the lot showed the name of Alexius, Metropolitan of Moscow.On 3 March 1961 at the Trinity Cathedral of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, he was tonsured with the name Alexis in the name of another Saint - Alexis, the Metropolitan of Kiev, Saint of Moscow. As Their last resting place of the Patriarch found in the Epiphany Cathedral near the relics of St. Alexis.MilestonesDate of birth Alexy II falls on the 23rd of February is the feast of the Mother of God "Agrivida". Moreover, on 23 February 1551 in Moscow was opened "Stoglav Sobor".The ordination Alexy II took place on 17 April 1950. On the day resting Alexis I (Simansky) of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. He died in 1970. Ironically was born 17 April and Nikita Khrushchev, the head of the USSR, the initiator of the persecution of religion.Important dates in the life and Ministry of Alexy II indicate that he was predestinated to recover porugannye temples, and to receive from the new statesmen gifts as retribution for the persecution of Communist times.Alexy II took the vows on March 3, 1961. On the same day, March 3, 1917, the Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich had refused the throne of the Russian Empire.Election to the Patriarchs had on holiday 7 June 1990. This day marks the Third finding of the head of the forerunner and Baptist John.The enthronement of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia took place on 10 June 1990, on Sunday, when there was a 1 week after Pentecost, Sunday of All saints. And also celebrated two Icons of the Mother of God: "the Softener of evil hearts" ("seven arrows") and "Indestructible Wall".Death of his Holiness fell on 5 December 2008. In the Church calendar, the day marked as the Afterfeast of the presentation of the blessed virgin Mary.It is symbolic, but on December 5, 1931, at 12 o'clock was made the first explosion, which resulted in the crumbling of one of the four Central pillars of the Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow, built in 1881 on the people's money in memory of the deliverance of Russia from Napoleon's invasion. Within 45 minutes we collapsed the remaining pylons.It was during the Patriarchal reign of Alexius II, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was rebuilt. In him and his funeral after his death... Source: Mystery dates of the Patriarch: he was led by God himself.

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