Concert Kylie Minogue was in jeopardy

titleAustralian singer Kylie Minogue was the victim of thieves. Five of her suitcases had disappeared just a day before the start of her tour of Latin America.The first concert was to be held in the Colombian capital Bogota on 1 November, but it was in jeopardy, when the loss was discovered, because in these suitcases were stage costumes, passports, nekaterih team members Kylie and some equipment. It is assumed that they pulled in the moment when stagehands preparing it for the performance of the pop star.In the end, the concert did take place. According to British newspaper the Sun, Kylie has a reward in the amount of $ 2,080 for the return of things in one piece. I think we ought to increase her amount because the contents of the suitcases is obviously more expensive, and thieves, this guess is probably. Source: Kylie Minogue Concert was in jeopardy.

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