Victoria Beckham is not the official DoppelgangeR

titleSo, oddly, coincided that it not only look like the wife of the famous football player of modern times, but bears her maiden name. Esther Adams - model and dancer she began her career as a stripper.Until then, while visitors of the night club where she worked began to hint to her that she looks like Victoria Beckham and could be her twin.As Victoria Beckham has not wished to have a formal counterpart, Esther, who by that time was raising his son, not to miss a good opportunity to earn extra money.Several agencies offered her good money for what, in fact, engaged herself Victoria Beckham. Esther removed in advertising, posing for photographers, dances a little.She is now 31 years old and only in the last two years of her fees decreased slightly - she freely did for his resemblance to Posh 18-20 thousand dollars a year.However, Mrs. Adams knows not only the advantages of similarity with a celebrity. "People respond differently to the fact that I am very similar to Victoria - some admire, or support me, some Express outrage as if it was some evil intent on my part." says Esther."Some have argued that I got anorexia, trying to be like Victoria. As one woman learned that I don't adore a celebrity, even threw me a lit cigarette. Fortunately, I managed to knock down the flames with clothing.Now I was starting to get a bit tiring, and I seriously think about to throw the cooperation with agencies and concentrate on his two children-13-year-old Lewis and 11-year-old Katie. Especially because my husband, 29-year-old Brett thinks I'm much prettier than Posh.I would like to act in films, I also love to swim, roller-skating and dancing. I am the mother of two children, and I work hard to inspire other young mothers in active life.".

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