David Duchovny got a new wife

titleDavid Duchovny has just been released from the hospital, having been cured from sexual addiction. But his love of the female sex could not be destroyed. Personal trainer David tennis Edith Pakai remarkably similar to the TEM Leonie, only 20 years younger.The girl does not deny a close friendship with the actor. She says they are just fine. "We are good friends and often play tennis together. He loves strong women. In addition, he is a very smart and interesting people," says Edith. The girl is afraid to make any strong statements, because I do not know what their relationship means to Spiritual. But it seems that they mean a lot to her. These two know each other for about a year, and someone from the friends of Edith says that the love between them. Source: David Duchovny got a new wife.

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