`Sistine chapel` UN was the cause of the scandal

titleIn Geneva the UN building opened Hall of human rights and Alliance of civilizations, which is already being called the "Sistine chapel" of the XXI century.However, according to Reuters, its opening was accompanied by a scandal surrounding the source of funds for financing the project.Hall used to be called just "Room XX", however, was completely reconstructed. In the framework of Miquel Barcelo (Miquel Barcelo), one of the leading contemporary artists of Spain, painted the vault of the room, turning it into the likeness of the firmament of the cave, however, painted in all colors of the rainbow.The work took Barcelo more than two years. The area of the arch is almost 1.4 thousand square meters, and it is the most significant work of art, housed in the headquarters of the UN since its founding.Hall is a gift to the UN from Spain. The opening took place this week and passed with great fanfare: the ceremony was attended, in particular, the UN Secretary General, the king and Queen of Spain, the Prime Ministers of Spain and Turkey, the President of Switzerland.However, it turned out that the project, which cost $25.2 million, was partially financed by the Spanish government from the money that should have gone to the aid of developing countries. If this is not specified, about what sums there is a speech. Part of the amount for the reconstruction of the hall provided the Fund ONUART, which has the support of the Spanish business.Reuters also notes that, due to the opening of the hall, designed to serve the cause of justice and understanding, we had to postpone the negotiations between Russia and Georgia, who can not reach an understanding after the August war over South Ossetia. Source: "the Sistine chapel" the UN has become a cause of scandal.

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