Madonna collects dirt on her husband

titleRecently we wrote about the fact that lawyers Madonna, who will protect her interests on divorce, looking for dirt on the guy Ritchie. Apparently, some memories of the singer about the bad behavior of her husband, was not enough.In skycom case, guy now blames Madonna that she hired "some Khashimov", to watch him and that all this, in his opinion, resembles not divorce the two adults, and the "cold war". A source close to the Director told British newspaper the Sun that Madge somehow inexplicably becomes known, where the guy was and what he was doing. For example, she struck him in his knowledge of the fact that he recently met privately with members of his family. The Richie clan gathered over lunch to discuss the upcoming divorce. Madonna said about it, but for some reason she was aware of."The guy was hoping that their divorce will be more private. He believes that there is nothing to wash dirty linen in public. But when he learned that Madonna is known about the lunch, he got angry. He said to her, "Why flip the whole of our world? No need to go to such lengths to destroy me?" Source: Madonna collects dirt on her husband.

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