The famous `fabricante` kidnapped son

titleIn modern show business, the story of how the young singer is fond of a powerful man (or Vice versa) and trying to create a happy family with him, becomes a textbook. And if someone with the second halves luck, then for other such alliances often end in tragedy.Singer Valeria at the time even wrote a book about what she went through in my first marriage. Jasmine (although it is her husband and helped her to become an actress) was also a lot of family problems, the crown of which was a divorce.History of the graduate of "factory of stars" Sogdiana also very revealing. The girl was not a superstar, but some downloads still present. To be a popular singer in our time means to have a wealthy fans. For one of these admirers, the singer got married. As now she says, the marriage was held in great love. And, hence, to a great hatred was one step.Indian man named RAM soon fully revealed his character. Constant surveillance, scandals, bans has damaged relations in the family. Husband almost did not give Sogdiana to work, and then chide her for financial incompetence.Over this ugly history divorce and abduction of the girl son. The boy she called Arjun at the insistence of the Pope and did everything that a kid grows up in a normal family. But now to see the child Sogdiana.On December 31st I had a concert, " recalls the singer in interview to the newspaper "Arguments and facts". - I left Arjuna with my father, mother and nanny. All this time on the Playground sat a strange woman (after the kidnapping of my son, I looked through the surveillance tape). When my dad went for a walk with the child, she called someone on the phone, and then went to the gate, opened the gate, two men in camouflage uniforms.Pam got out of the car, walked up to my father and tried to take Arjuna. Father closed a toddler. Then one of the guards husband came to the Pope from behind and pushed him. Dad fell and hit his head on the ground. Until he came to himself, they took the child, got into the car and drove away. My dad wrote a statement to the police about the planned attack. And now, almost a month I haven't seen my son, I don't know where he is.".

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