Nicole Richie invited a Russian oligarch

titleTwo celebrities will visit this weekend in the Russian capital. The night before, Nicole Richie arrived in the Russian capital to participate in the fashion show of fashion designer Kira Plastinina.As you know, Kira while she makes art and writes sketches for the new collection, her father oligarch Sergey Plastinin develops strategies promote the brand, named after his daughter. Thus, one of the know-how was the invitation to the shows Kira Plastinina world stars.Nicole Richie, and more recently Paris Hilton, for the tidy sum of look at a new collection of girls-designer Kira Plastinina called Lublu. Its a show and a cocktail for the occasion will be held in one of the capital's shopping centers at the intersection of celebrities. But one fashion show cultural programme Ricci is not limited. As wrote on Saturday "Moskovsky Komsomolets", one of the main secular party girls of the world, as it became known, evaluate and nightlife capital. It comes in the Metropolitan nightclub. Nicole will be leading a charity night. In its framework will be a special auction, the proceeds of which will be spent on the children.And on Sunday for "modest" residents Barvikha sing often to Russia Elton John. Legendary singer non-refundable will sing for glamorous Russian public in a Luxury Village. Especially for coming to Russia sir Elton John has cancelled a concert in Helsinki, citing the strongest inflammatory disease of the bronchi.It is worth noting that the visit to the most expensive suburbs not mentioned in the tour schedule Elton John. Concert tickets Elton John always cost a small fortune. Along with the cheapest price of 25 000 fans comfortably to listen to the singer on the ruble could pay 600 000 or even 1 000 000.How did you find the Days., customer of the concert of Elton John in Moscow is the owner of the jewelry house Chopard. How much money was offered to the musician, the organizers kept secret. But I assure you that Elton John feels fine and will definitely perform. "To live and die in we heard nothing," says one of the organizers of the concert. And the fact that December 7, Elton John will be performing, it is one hundred percent. It's even possible to photograph on the red carpet at the entrance to Barvikha Luxury Village". Source: Nicole Richie invited a Russian oligarch.

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