The night Obama lost the White house

titleU.S. President Barack Obama happy that now lives in the White house, and it feels quite comfortable, said the representative of the head of state Robert Gibbs."I know the President, and on Thursday, he looked quite pleased," he said. According to Gibbs, the new President is very pleased that the White house can spend a lot of time with my family. While Gibbs said that during the first night spent in the White house, Obama, who is not yet very well knew his residence, was unable to determine where he was, and had to ask someone where he should go", reports "Interfax".I must say that the popularity of the first ever black President Barack Obama is rapidly growing on all continents. On the eve of his inauguration and after all over the world from Mexico city to Moscow is in full swing sale of goods with the image of Obama. Using the image of the 44th President of the US companies of different countries hope to increase their income. Well sold out of the dolls "Obama", as well as t-shirts, tank tops, which show Obama in the Jewish national dress. And in Kenya, even the production of beer "Obama". By the way, the home of the father of Barack Obama on inauguration day festivities took on a mass character. People took to the streets in traditional national costumes, posters hung everywhere with the profile of Obama.In Japan factory Ogawa Rubber Inc produced and instantly sold out more than 2.5 thousand masks of Obama and now it additionally produces a thousand masks. Mask Obama radiates positive energy that resonates in the hearts of people", - said the Executive Director of the factory of Takahiro Ogihara. Japanese factory produces a wide range of masks famous VIP characters and well-known politicians, but a new "bestseller" in the face of Obama will soon surpass the popularity of the current leader - the mask of former Prime Minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi. The mask of Barack Obama you can buy in stores in Japan for around $ 24. Meanwhile in Russia are snapped up doll with a picture of the new U.S. President. Note that on the eve of U.S. elections enterprising matreshechnij manufactured wooden dolls with the image of John McCain, however popular they did not use. Apparently, the "energy" of the Senator-Republican disappoint. Source: the night Obama lost the White house.

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