`Tarzan` will film in the vein of `pirates of the Caribbean`

titleStudio management decided: reincarnational "Tarzan", which shall be prepared by the Director of "the Mummy" Stephen Sommers, will be like "pirates of the Caribbean", but only "with tanned actors flying through the jungle and jumping on the trees in the style of parkour, writes EW.(Parkour, note just in case, this is such a competitive sport that originated in France; its essence is to move forward and overcome any emerging obstacles without any special equipment; "pirates of the Caribbean is a trilogy about johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow).How Sommers will implement a Studio setting, of course, while no one can say. However, the script writes Stuart Beattie, had a hand in "Pirates of the Caribbean", and apparently now intended to inform the film corresponding to the spirit.To work out proven techniques on new franchises - became a tradition studios. So WB, gathering cream from "the Dark knight", has announced that restarted "Superman" will also be "dark", I mean dark. Here, now, and Tarzan - boy-raised-by-monkeys - will not deduct from a character of the book by Edgar rice Burroughs, and johnny Depp.Exit "Tarzan" should in 2010. Source: "Tarzan" will shoot in the spirit of "pirates of the Caribbean"".

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