DreamWorks require `Oscar` for a fictional actor

titleThe film company DreamWorks Pictures nominated for the award "Oscar" of the fictional Australian actor Kirk Lazarus.This character, played by Robert Downey Jr., is one of the main actors of the Comedy "tropic thunder".Recall that, in the film, five-time award winner of the American Academy kirk Lazarus, decided on surgery to change skin color in order to play the best role in his life in the military drama.This character was actively used by the company for the so-called "viral" promotion of the film "Soldiers of failure". Were created by the "official" websites of the actor, and also released a few trailers for movies that Lazarus supposedly got their awards. One of them called "Satan's Alley" this is about homosexual love between two Catholic priests in medieval Ireland. Source: DreamWorks requires the "Oscar" for a fictional actor.

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