Husband of Elizabeth II insulted tourists

titleHusband of the British Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh Philip allowed himself in public derogatory comment that offended millions of people.At a reception in Slovenia the official compared the tourism industry of prostitution and stated that the United Kingdom does not need more tourists.Britain's Queen Elizabeth II with her husband this week first visited Slovenia at the invitation of the country's President, Danilo tГјrk. Harsh criticism from the Duke allowed himself in conversation with Professor Maya Wren, which, being a University Professor for tourism Primorska, was part of the group of experts who met Duke Philip the hotel "Union" in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.At the reception, she told the Duke that he wants to organize an information network in the tour. In response, the Duke of Edinburgh smiled and said: "Tourism is the only national prostitution". "We don't need more tourists. They are ruining the city," said 87-year-old husband of the British Queen."He used that word, and our delegation was thrown into confusion," he remembered after the meeting 38-year-old Wren. However, as RIA "news" in conclusion, she reported that the Duke had made a positive impression, and during the meeting he spoke a lot of what really "makes sense".The Duke allowed himself these shocking comments, despite the fact that tourism is important to the British economy every year only to Buckingham Palace and Windsor castle is visited by one million tourists. In addition, as reminiscent of the Days., a few days ago it became known that Queen Elizabeth II as a result of the current financial crisis has lost about a third of your investment capital of 37 million pounds. Source: Husband of Elizabeth II insulted tourists.

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