Paris Hilton has lost almost half

titleVisitors Hollywood DeLux Bar were shocked, having seen the thing Paris Hilton. Her body looks more fragile than porcelain, it literally turned into a skeleton covered with skin.Paris lives up to its status as a good metabolism, but there is some evidence that they are sister agreed to follow a strict diet.The public was shocked by the thinness of a socialite. This haven't seen it ever. Paris has lost almost half. The reason for this is "diet contract" with her sister Nicole. Three months ago the girls decided that none of them will never weigh more than 50 pounds. At that time, with a growth of 173 centimeters Paris weighed 49 pounds. When Libra was rising Nicole, whose height is 170 centimeters, they showed a kilo less sisters. According to experts, even with the high weight of the girls were too skinny.After a three-month fight against excess, in the opinion of socialite, weight, Paris Hilton does not weigh more than 45 kilograms. And in black clothes in which she was at Bar DeLux, Paris looks even more skinny. The bones of her shoulders appallingly stick out, and forearm without problems it is possible to clasp the thumb and forefinger of the hand. While Paris Hilton claims that her thinness is the result of a good metabolism. "I just have a very good metabolism," said the socialite. However, it denies the assumption that following a diet.Friends Paris Hilton, concerned about the thinness of the stars, they say that Paris and Nicole got obsessed to achieve incredible slimness. According to the website of Bild, the Hilton sisters are convinced that only thin girls are able to attract the attention of men. It has long been known that the sisters, as a public persona, go for any sacrifice in order to wear the title of the first beauties. Source: Paris Hilton has lost almost half.

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