Dima Bilan made the proposal Lena Kuletskaya

titleLooks like Dima Bilan is seriously motivated to fulfill his promise after winning the Eurovision song contest and to marry his sweetheart Lena Kuletskaya.Yesterday at a solo concert in St. Petersburg singer when all the people had given Lena a proposal and presented an engagement ring.It was like this. In the middle of the show, when he lit on the stage, suddenly on the podium in the center of the room appeared a girl in a sparkling silver mini-dress. Lena recognized her immediately - but when the people understood exactly who was dancing opposite Dima, then hurried to surround the podium, looking forward to further developments. Over Kuletskaya to avoid problems lowered the fine mesh, and meanwhile, Dima included in a special cage, which drove it over the crowd right into Lena's arms.Giving each other a passionate kiss, Dima and Lena danced a couple of musical phrases, then Dima has stated that this is not a show that now all will be seriously - and pulled out the ring box. "You are all witnesses!" - shouted Bilan, singing under the loss, while Lena looked at the ring and laughed and hugged the groom. "He's a crazy man!" - she cried, and Dima thanked the bride for what she had come to St. Petersburg to support it and thus gave it such a romantic possibility: to give a ring the day before Valentine's Day.It remains to understand whether or not this was a proposal of marriage, or Dima and Lena will play love-the show at every concert as part Bilan-tour. Can't wait to see your stories, dear readers. Send reports and photos! Source: Dima Bilan made the proposal Lena Kuletskaya.

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