Scientists plan to open the grave of Galileo Galilei

titleItalian scientists intend to prove that Galileo Galilei was suffering from a congenital disease of the organs of vision that left a mark on his discoveries in the field of astronomy, AFP reports.To confirm this hypothesis, the scientists from the Institute for the history of science in Florence intend to conduct a study of the DNA of Galileo, having opened his burial in the Florentine Cathedral of Santa Croce."If the DNA analysis will confirm the version about congenital diseases of the organs of vision, it is, in particular, explain why Galileo was unable to detect the rings of Saturn", - said the head of the Institute Paolo Galuzzi (Paolo Galluzzi).In 1610 Galileo was the first scientist who observed Saturn through a telescope. He then saw about two spots of the planet and suggested that the moons of Saturn. What is discovered by Galileo "spot" is the surrounding Saturn's rings, in 1655, proved Christian Huygens.It is considered that Galileo was not able to see the rings because the telescope had not sufficient power. However, Italian scientists suggested that to see the rings Galilee could prevent even a defect of vision. It is known that by the end of his life Galileo went blind. Scientists suggest that the blindness of the famous scientist was the result of progressive congenital diseases and defects of vision in varying degrees was observed in Galilee throughout life.To Finance the study, scientists from the Institute for the history of science need to collect 300 thousand Euro these funds will be spent on the examination of DNA and permit the opening of the grave. Source: Scientists plan to open the grave of Galileo Galilei.

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