Aleksey Batalov is 80 years old

titleOn Thursday, 20 November 2008, the national actor of the USSR Alexey Batalov turned 80 years old. Actor and teacher, according to ITAR-TASS, will celebrate the day of birth abroad.Jubilee party in his honor will be held at VGIK, where students Alexey Vladimirovich cook skit.Alexei Batalov was born into a theatrical family: his parents served in the Moscow art Theater. Future artist graduated from the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, the movies began acting in the late 1940s. Known for his movies "Big family", "Rumyantsev Case", "the cranes are Flying", "my Dear man", "the lady with the dog", "Nine days of one year", "Running", "the captivating Star of happiness", "the Living corpse", "Moscow does not believe in tears", "Purely English murder", "Umbrella Suite". As a Director he produced the films "the Overcoat", "Three fat men" (it also played a major role) and "the Player".Alexey Batalov in 1968, he received the prize of the Vasilyev brothers for his role in the film by Mikhail Romm 'Nine days of one year", in 1981 - the USSR State prize for his film "Moscow does not believe in tears".Since 1976, Alexei Batalov directs the actors Studio VGIK. Source: Alexei Batalov is 80 years old.

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