The waiters sued Robert De Niro $2.5 million

titleRobert De Niro will have to close its network of restaurants. This is the denouement of the story, which began in 2007. Then two waiters sued the owners of the new York establishments like Nobu, Nobu 57 and Nobu Next Door (i.e. on the actor, chef Nobu Matsuhisa and their partners).On behalf of all his colleagues, and this is more than a hundred people, they accused the management of restaurants in that they demanded to give them a tip portion, and, moreover, did not pay overtime.Dubbed by plaintiffs amount is $ 2.5 million. De Niro and Co. agreed to pay the victim borrowed. Probably on the business this will affect not the best way, especially in times of crisis. Source: the Waiters sued Robert De Niro $2.5 million.

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