The rating of the world milliarder

titleBillionaires and milliarderami sometimes are born, and sometimes become. But no matter how inherited wealth, is an important fact.Only here the fair sex with large States are less common than men, apparently, a relic of bygone times. In the world today, there are 27 women whose condition exceeds a billion. Not reached until the mark in 40 years, only seven of them, but last year there were five less than. Who are these young rich and fortunate?!1. The youngest of milliarder born rich, and where she managed to earn such a condition at only 24 years. Name fair lady - hind Hariri, she is the owner of a majority share of the construction, banking and media companies. This share in the family business went to her after the death of his father - Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri.2. But the girl from China named Jan Huayang to wait for the death of a parent is not necessary to enter into the rights of inheritance. Because today it owns 58% stake in a construction company - Country Garden. Apparently, the visionary father has ordered it so that his daughter fully learned the science of management in practice, while he's still able to give her wise advice. The girl fellow, graduated from the University in Ohio and became a marketer. Here are just hunters for foreign States, in common parlance - Alfonsin, remains woefully to breathe, because Huayang already married.3. Then there are the most unusual billionaires on the list, Yes, they too have inherited their condition from their parents and sisters. Even dividing the inheritance for four, each of the women became a billionaire. And even more strange that this happened in the Arab East, after all used to think that the women there are absolutely powerless. The youngest daughter of Turkish billionaires aydД±n Dogan and Confusing Isil name is Dogan Behuman Dogan Faralli, she is 31 years old and from a family inheritance she received a holding company Dogan Holding. He worked as a consultant to the new York company Arthur Andersen. Also she has work in various European corporations specializing in the field of media technologies.4. This sister more than others, engaged in fundraising, in particular for education of girls in her country. Hanzade Dogan, Boyner member of the Board of Directors of the company, inherited the younger sister. She also inherited Dogan Newspaper. But it's something inherited from the parents, she has managed to create a company Dogan Online, which has become one of the largest providers of the Internet in Turkey. He graduated from the London School of Economics and University in Columbia, so her education is very helpful in your business endeavors. The age of 36.5. Vuslat Dogan, Sabanci only a year older than the previous sisters, she's 37 and she's not particularly interested in business, because she has a husband Ali Ismail Sabanci he is the son of Sevket of Sabanci, the founder of another dynasty of Turkish billionaires. So, Vuslat billionaire and by birth, and her husband at the same time. And today she is chief Executive officer of The Hurriyet daily. In the past, work in such major publications as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. So this is the most creative out of all the sisters.6. The oldest of the four sisters have turned 43 years old. Delegation Dogan headed by a life devoted to the TV. She managed to combine work CNN International and Dogan Yayin Holding, creating the largest media outlets in Turkey. Also behind the work at a TV network Kanal D. he Received after his father's death a portion of the shares of Dogan Holding and Dogan TV. Due to its popularity and connection with the TV became the first woman President of the Association Tusiad, protecting the interests of business circles of the Turkish society.7. But not everyone is as lucky to be born in a rich family. Although if you're focused and confident woman, the whole world in front of you and it's possible to put together and its state. In this case we are talking about the youngest of milliarder, under all their labor. This is Chu Lam Y. She's 38 years old and she is the head of the company Huabao International. Ten years ago a woman made a cunning move, creating your company as a joint stock company through an acquisition. While the majority of shares are still concentrated in the hands of Chu Lam. And they produce different colors and flavors so popular in the modern world.8. Chinese girl Zhang Xin is simply a good example of how nothing can grow to one billion. She started working at age 14 at a garment factory, this helped to save money and to fulfill a dream - to graduate from the University of Cambridge. Well, with such knowledge and character, she founded a construction company SOHO China could become the largest in China, they are the main builders of all glamorous architectural masterpieces of the country in recent times. The woman recently turned 43 years.9. Oddly enough, but in the top of milliarder managed to get our compatriot Elena Baturina. The wife measure Luzhkov.

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