Modern artists turned art into a farce

titleContemporary artists from the times of the classics of post-modernism, avant-garde animator-entertainer Joseph Beuys sought to capture the viewer's attention, "Wake it up", to engage in dialogue.Accordingly, postmodern artist descended from heaven to earth (the boys did it literally in my time as a German pilot he was shot down in 1944 over the Crimea, and then fat, and felt it brought back the Tartars), closer to the people, and began to tell and explain directly on the fingers.If viewers will not understand - chart, thumbnail, "social sculpture" - all applied as part of the campaign. Professor Boyce was for "direct democracy" against all institutions, including government.The "bad" state versus "good" man in the street. The task of the artist is at all began to awaken the creative potential of the public.Visible visitorRussian artists, following the precepts of Boise, ID, strive to bring the art to the consumer, to make a sort of attraction ideologically motivated.At the exhibition in Central house of artists of nominees for the Kandinsky prize, for example, Diana Machulin in his project "Rubber soul" from brick color erasers built the Kremlin.The Kremlin placed on a pedestal in the form of the ballot boxes. Promise: "the Power of the Russian authorities to erase any opposition opinion." Visitors are encouraged pencils to practice writing conditional on electoral ballots.But, as reported by Diana Machulin in the article "what causes mass the love of art", the people, heeding the requests, filled out paperwork sacramental "Vasya was Here".An arrangement had been repeatedly destroyed and one of the art objects on display was completely broken. Machulin marveled that are broken up and a giant plaster egg in the installation "Pyramid" Kostrikov, spoiled "snow road" Blokhin and Kuznetsov, where the foam crumb simulating snow, invisible passer-by must leave traces.Left them "visible" visitor.And why should I be surprised: after all, adjacent to "snow track" stand where under packaging bubble wrap are hundreds of photos of prominent personalities, the public is invited to "pop" idols: Madonna with Stallone to Putin and the Pope. "Broken" were almost all.He said, "let's Go!..".

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