Basque section Bilan at the party

titleAfter filming the last episode of "Star ice" on TV channel "Russia" Nikolay Baskov together with Dima Bilan and ex-wife of Alexander Domogarova Natalia gromushkina made a real Striptease.Tired of the show after a six-hour recording of the finale decided to celebrate the end of "Star ice" and gave a Banquet in one of the restaurants of Moscow.One of the first to the party came Nikolai Baskov together with his girlfriend Oksana Fedorova. The couple decided not to hide their relationship, Oksana and Nicholas confessed to friends that love each other.- I'm in love! - exclaimed Basque, gently hugging her beautiful Oksana.Fedorova tonight showed their attitude to the satellite is not words, but deeds: not hiding from prying eyes, she kissed Kohl passionate kisses.The official part was over, now you can declare that began a voluntary program! said into the microphone Elena Tchaikovskaya.DanceDima Bilan decided to share your mood with others. He pulled to the scene of his friend Nikolai Baskov.Naughty couple was hosting a real dance floor Orgy: Basque began to undress Bilan. When on a dime, almost no clothes, he stretched out his hand and pulled out from the hall, ex-wife of Alexander Domogarova Natalia Gromushkina.Naughty Basques decided to continue and after Dima undress and Natalia. However Gromushkina made it clear that such behaviour is unacceptable. She playfully slapped Nicholas on the arm, but the dance floor is not left and continued dancing in the company of half-naked Bilan.GuestsUnfortunately, after a painful fall on the ice one of the stars of the project Yana Rudkovskaya are unable to participate in the party. She spent in the company of colleagues on the show just a few minutes, then went home, leaving Evgeni Plushenko to have fun with his friends.Host of the show "Star ice" Maxim Galkin this evening joined the fun company without the Alla. Leading up to the stage to thank all the participants and jury members for the great time.- You just can't imagine how much I enjoyed working in this team, all half a year, - thanked all participants Galkin. Source: Basque section Bilan at the party (photo).

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