Found a lost manuscript of Oscar Wilde

titleNine manuscripts and four letters donated to the Morgan library The Morgan Library in new York-Brazilian Lucia Moreira Salles (Lucia Moreira Salles), which they inherited from her late husband, banker and book collector of curiosities.This collection of letters and manuscripts of British author 50 years was lost.Among the letters of Wilde is the letter to Lord Alfred Douglas (Alfred Douglas), is particularly valuable because of the large number of letters Wilde for him Douglas destroyed. It is the father of Lord Douglas, Marquis of Queensberry, initiated the trial of the writer, in which Oscar Wilde spent two years in prison on charges of sodomy.The collection was assembled and preserved by the grandson of the Marquis of Queensberry. In the late 1950's, she was long gone from the field of view of scientists and was considered lost.More than 50 pages of manuscripts is scheduled to be presented to the public at the exhibition in April 2009. Source: Found the lost manuscript of Oscar Wilde.

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