Putin will vote on `Eurovision` for Britain

titleBritish composer Andrew Lloyd Webber says that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promised him to vote for the British actor, who will speak at the final of the Eurovision song contest 2009 in Moscow.According to Lord Webber, his audience at a country dacha Russian Prime Minister lasted about an hour, and Putin promised to personally pick up the phone and vote for the artist that will represent the United Kingdom.According to Andrew Lloyd-Webber, he came to Russia to understand why Russian viewers do not vote for British artists, and for this purpose met with Prime Minister Putin. "At least one vote from Mr. Putin we received," said the composer.Despite the considerable influence of Vladimir Putin in Russian politics, his voice, according to the rules of the contest, will not be greater than the voices of other viewers, callers from Russia.As told the press Secretary of Lord Lloyd Webber, "they spent almost an hour discussing Eurovision, but also touched and a wide range of other topics, including relations between Russia and Europe, Russian culture and Russia's relations with great Britain". "It was a truly epoch-making conversation", he added.On account of the British composer of many popular musicals such as "Phantom of the Opera" and "Evita", is reminiscent of the air force.Despite the powerful industry of pop music, the UK has no luck at Eurovision. The winner is determined by voting viewers. The viewers can't vote for the artist of the country where they call. In this regard, many suspect that often the audience is influenced not artistic merit of artists, and their national identity.It happened this year, when the competition was won by Russian singer Dima Bilan, who have received the highest possible score 12 points from the audience in countries such as Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In Britain began to talk about the politicization of the competition.Thus the duty to host the "Eurovision-2009" went to Russia, but the rules determining the winners, it was decided to change: the victory will be awarded on the basis of not only telephone voting, but also the opinion of the jury, although how these two verdicts will be combined, is not fully solved.Note that Vladimir Putin was in touch with Dima Bilan on the phone to congratulate him on his success at the contest of 2008. However, so did the President Dmitry Medvedev. The final contest 2009 held in Moscow. Source: Putin will vote in Eurovision for Britain.

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